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Community Highlight #12

Today, we spotlight Onikage, a survival game enthusiast and member of the Unicorn Brigade!

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Welcome to Acquired Tastes, our newsletter dedicated to the fascinating individuals in the Hashtag Survival community!

Today, we spotlight Onikage, a survival game enthusiast and member of the Unicorn Brigade!

POI: Onikage

I'm Brendan, AKA Onikage. I'm a lifelong avid gamer, anime nerd, and college student specializing in Finance. For better or worse, I don't consider gaming a hobby; it's more of a lifeline for my mental health and a way to keep life interesting. The name Onikage is from the first Tencu game (Wrath of Heaven) on PS1, which was my introduction to Stealth games. He was the first villain that actually seemed to have class and honor that I ever saw in a video game. I've always admired villains that speak with respect.

I started out with an Atari 5200 back in 1984, playing Moon Patrol and Centipede till the NES game out. Then I got introduced to PC Gaming with Oregon Trail and Number Munchers where it became my favorite playstyle. I've tried to keep up with Consoles, but the versatility of the Keyboard/Mouse has always felt the most natural. Once I've played through a game, I like to create little challenges for myself. This has become a big focus with all the Survival games I've been playing. I find myself starting over with some self-made goal in mind to see if I can do it. It probably started with Skyrim. During the Pandemic, I logged over 1000 hours on the game doing all the quests, then I started about 100 new characters trying to maximize the run and do challenges. My final one so I could be done with the game was doing every side questline available at level 1 (and building all 3 homes) without gaining any ranks in skills. I got it done except for one quest and finally broke away from the game.

This is when I started looking on Steam in 2021 for new games and came across Valheim. Valheim, much to Sifner's dismay, was my gateway into Open World Survival Craft (Despite not really being survival, as I'd come to learn later). Thanks to it, I tried many other games: Green Hell, The Forest, Subnautica, Satisfactory and The Infected. The Infected was my favorite of the 4, and I mapped out a "First 3 day" run on the game to hit every town and collect every crafting recipe. From there, the forum mods reached out, and I was invited to the Infected Discord to work on their Wiki. This is how I ended up on the Hashtag Discord server through meeting Sif! I've made other friends while playing games like Escape the Pacific and gotten into a few Early Access titles like Night of the Dead and Medieval Dynasty! Recently I played The Long Dark finally and really appreciated its unique design.

Since then, I've teamed up with Echoe to make Unicorn Princess GOTM (Game of the Month), and we've done Green Hell and Medieval Dynasty so far. I hope we can keep growing the channel. I think there's been a lot of fun and great discussions on the Hashtag Discord, as well as hilarious dumpster fires we've watched burn together, like The Day Before.

Check Out Some Games I Love!

  • My favorite games of all time are Romance of the Three Kingdoms II (SNES/NES), Thief: The Dark Age Gold Edition (The Metal Age is also incredible), Silent Hill 2, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (though Morrowind is a close 2nd), and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

I'm always looking for new recommendations for games and anime, so feel free to suggest some! My gaming Recommendations are as follows:

  • Night of the Dead - Open World Craft, Base Building and Tower Defense. Minimal Survival elements.
  • Medieval Dynasty- Open World Craft, Colony Management and Building SIM. Minimal Survival elements.
  • Subnautica- Open World Survival Craft, Sci-Fi. Has a fantastic story and is also very scary/tense sometimes.
  • Sniper Elite 4- Best goddamn Sniper game I've ever played, and I've played many.
  • SOMA- Frictional Games is the best horror game IMO. Amnesias are good, but god damn, SOMA is the scariest.

Things I Love

  • Youtube Channel: Pitch Meetings
    Originally a Screen Rant video series, I found it in the Spring of 2019, and the comedy is fantastic; Ryan George is an incredible creator, and watching them helped me through some really tough times.
  • Band: Tool
    Easily the most talented band of all time, their music structure is so overly complicated for no reason other than greatness. Best Album is 10000 Days.
  • BBQ Sauce: Wild Buffalo (since I worked for them)
    I did competitive BBQ and worked for them running the farmer's markets. They have four great sauces; my favorite is the Thunder (Carolina Mustard)—Tropical is also amazing. They're in some major chains.
  • Lion Country Safari
    It's a drive-through zoo- but no cages, an entirely open area on hundreds of acres where they've re-created Africa. Then there's an actual Zoo at the end. Not sure if they still do the deal, but bring a Pepsi Can, and you usually get like 90% off the price
    Full tour here, but not a fan of the narrator.
  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre (Colorado)
    Too much to list as to why; I'll provide their official site and Wikipedia.