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Costo Has The Best Snacks

Road trip! Road trip! Road trip!

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We’re almost done with September, and I’m excited for October—it’s the best time to see those pretty red leaves. I want to do a ton of scenic drives—drag my camera around and take some fancy pictures. I'm planning out my trips, and I realize that my favorite pit/rest stop is…Costco. Hear me out.

Any Costco I’ve visited has been well-lit, clean, and with excellently priced gas. Rest stops and gas stations off the highway can be extremely hit-or-miss regarding quality. Costco has a solid, tiny food court- large portions, fresh, and tasty. No congealed Sbarro Pizza or stale Dunkin Donuts! It’s also easy to scoop up supplies once you arrive, especially if you’re staying in a hotel room with a fridge or kitchen area.
(Unless, I suppose, you’re super ritzy and go out to eat for every meal!)

Let’s jump into the past week!

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

📝 We’ve hit another follower/subscriber goal, so I’ll post another giveaway to the Discord shortly.

📝 Have you checked out our Survival Subgenres? Be sure to leave feedback on the article!

👩🏻‍💻 Some great new stuff is coming to The Infected. Paid subscribers, did you catch our first Ramble?

👤 Our latest POI newsletter featured SnowBee, a trusted authority on 7D2D mods.

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

Fargone has some neat stuff in the works and lots of pretty pictures. It's the same with SurrounDead- new mechanics and content are arriving soon. Damn, you low poly games are tempting me! I’m curious: what do folks think of the newest trailer for RTE Worlds? Also, I’m trying to figure out how this bear mechanic will make Winter Survival “challenging.” If you hated Stranded Deep because of some obnoxious bug, check this link- maybe it was fixed! It’s nice that the developer for Road to Eden came clean about the title's future. The Prologue for Chinese Frontiers has been updated and is available for testing!

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Wildmender is a desert gardening survival game dropping on September 28th. Get hype! The next Steam Next Fest is October 9th-16th. Smalland is shifting to a 1.0 release on December 7th- it’ll also be released to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Undying moves into 1.0 on October 17th.

💙 Diversions

🎵 Music: It’s been a few months since we swapped from Spotify and back to Tidal. (I say “back to” because I used to subscribe to Tidal, but it was over a year ago.) I like the tracks they recommend in My Daily Discovery and My New Arrivals. They nail things a lot better than Spotify.

‌➡️ App or Item: I’m still enjoying the Cleanshot app! I’m also checking out Circle.

‌📚 Book or Podcast: Lately, I’m doing a lot of hiking and walks- I’m almost debating trying out Podcasts. Don’t get me wrong; I love my music, but then I flip through the tracks repeatedly.
Course with podcasts, I end up wanting to sit and take notes. Hmm.

‌🎮 Game: Still SCUM. We’re painstakingly traveling the map to piece together a working vehicle. Sure- it’s a grind, and we’ve gotten murdered a time or two. But it’s fun AF.

‌#️⃣ Best Hashtag Moment: We received 5 Substack free subscribers in one day- that felt good! We appreciate you guys being here. ♥️