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What's Your Name?

What power is there in a name, anyway?

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Happy Monday!‌

Maaaaan. Discord has everyone in an uproar over their latest announcement.
ICYMI: They're swapping usernames and dropping the discriminator- the 4-digit little doodad on the end of your handle.

Finding a username has been a hot topic in my household for the past week or two. Becca (aka, my wife) is looking to set herself up with a small YouTube channel and lacks a handle.

It's made me think about the billions of usernames, game handles, and nicknames I've had over the years. Sifner, my longest-running handle, came from my time in World of Warcraft. Surprisingly enough, the name of my character wasn't even Sifner. It was Cyphyr. But for some reason, the PUG raid leader would always belt out "SIFNER!" And after the first few fuck ups, I finally twigged on to the fact that he meant me! (Hi. I'm the problem; it's me.) WoW friends brought the nickname into circulation, and that was that.

Do you have a nickname origin story? Slide it into the comments on the website, or let us know in Discord. 🖤

Now, onward to the newsletter!

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🗄️ I added one new game to the upcoming games directory. I have a mile-long list of games to add to the website. I'll start picking through it. I'm also looking into making some small (under 5-minute) videos. I hope to post a few things I've been working on behind the scenes this week. It just depends on how embarrassed I feel about the quality of the finished product, haha.

🖥️ Becca and Dee popped into the Homeseek demo, and each penned a quick blurb for the website. This handy new Staff page will help you keep tabs on everyone. You'll see their names more as they dive into some demos, especially during Steam festivals and events.

🎉 Big thanks to creator Wave Boogie for the shout-out! (YouTube, timestamped) And equally big thanks to creator AsmodisdeSanktis for shouting us out! (Twitch). Don't forget to be a pal and vote in this poll for me, gathering some info!

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

Empyrion has plans to improve the game, Mist Survival is still hard at work, and Outbreak Island is alive...I guess? I still say YouTube is the best place to keep up to date on all news Sunkenland; the Discord is an endless stream of WHEN GAME. Dead Matter- I get it. We all struggle with making tiny amounts of news fill an empty page, but obnoxious animated gifs are not the answer. The launch of Swordsmen X: Survival continues to limp along as a shitfest of Mostly Negative comments.

📅 Upcoming

🔮 KeepUp Survival will push the update to UE5 on May 12th, and Oldowan will release on May 24th. Voidtrain will be available on Steam on May 9th, and Occupy Mars releases on May 10th. Also, on May 10th- State of Decay 2 will drop a content patch targeting the Plague Hearts, and Floodland will drop a content patch to enhance gameplay and address feedback they received from the community. Floodland developers encourage starting a new save to ensure you get all the latest content/fixes. Be ready for Steam Next Fest from the 19th to the 26th in June.

💙 This Week!

Music: I can't get enough of this song.
App: Dozens of task lists later; I love Todoist.
Book: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
Game: Sea of Thieves. Something is soothing about the gameplay. (Outside of the murder and PvP.)
Best Hashtag Moment: I'm seeing the website and the Hashtag subreddit get recommended a lot to folks on other Discords and subreddits. Good Feels!