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"You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness."
-The Mad Hatter to Alice

That pretty much encapsulates how I've felt the past week; the holiday weekend stalled out much of the forward motion of my car post-accident. I've been feeling less than well, so I've mainly been sticking to the bedroom—in the most non-fun way possible. Though I guess it has been good for my TV and movie streaming since I've been working my way through my backlog.

I've also been working on an idea for a 'cascading' importance list on my ToDoist of items I want to work on- kinda like an ocean of ideas. So I toss crap on there as it appears - or appeals- to me, and then I can arrange things depending on what I can get done or feel I need. Content pool! Newly added; get next week's DoA out on Monday as is proper.

‌Onwards to the newsletter. ‌

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🎉 Alright, so the Memorial Day sales are probably over (you never know because half the time they get extended a few days)- but it's still worth checking out some of the amazing companies I linked in my post about great sales!

🖥️ Above Snakes was moved from the upcoming directory to the game index. Another giveaway was completed in the community Discord, with a member snagging a key for Biomutant. I adjusted the latest giveaway benchmarks for the social media accounts and added back Twitter. (Though I still want to set that platform on fire.) Becca's almost done with her Frostpunk review, and Dee is working through Veil of Dust.

🎉 Be a pal and vote in this poll for me-gathering some info!‌

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

⌛ Kinda neat that Stranded: Alien Dawn works to provide players with a guide as they get started. Voidtrain is still a solid Mixed on Steam- it looks like they're dumping in a ton of content for summer. Oldowan and Above Snakes have been released! These Snippets had an interesting video clip from Rooted and a neat flamethrower coming to Mist Survival. Speaking of Rooted, is the playtest in June? I continue to be terrified by Forewarned. Life Not Supported will release into Early Access on 26/06/23 at 16:01 UTC. Much respect for Hinterland.

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Nightingale sent out invitations to 10k folks to playtest the game! Solarpunk is slaying their Kickstarter launch- good luck! Green Hell is on a crazy deep discount until June 11th. Gird your loins! Steam Next Fest is June 19 - June 26 @ 10:00 AM Pacific.

💙 Last Week!

Music: My favorite Dave Matthews song is paired with a tie for my favorite Final Fantasy game. (YouTube)
App or Item: Hands down, the past week it's been Todoist
Book: Jill Mansell writes quirky and upbeat British rom-com books that have been the perfect companion for a week spent in bed. (Not fun in bed, sick in bed.)
Game: SCUM. I love some aspects (reworked vehicles, cooking, money) and hate the fucking bugs that have popped up lately. ‌
Best Hashtag Moment: Receiving PMs on Reddit and Discord complimenting the website directories!