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Drone Woes

It's been a while. (Cue Britney Spears music.) (IYKYK)

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The header is a random picture I took with my drone last summer.

This was nothing special - a straight up and down in the yard behind my job as the sun rose. I thought I would fly the drone more this summer, and with the accident plus the shitty weather, I just haven’t bothered. Maybe in the fall? It’s surprisingly hard to find a legal and safe spot to fly it, though some great apps detail the “fly zones.”

The first few times I took it up, Becca was at a house sit that both had a great yard AND existed in a spot safe to fly. Safe to fly means it’s legal. It, unfortunately, has no bearing on capability since I somehow brushed into a small tree beside the house while mastering the controller and steering. Luckily, the drone took it like a champ! (After Becca popped the camera back into place after I dropped - and lost!- one of the screws on the driveway.)

Also, a tiny piece is missing on the plastic undercarriage, but besides that, it's remarkably unscathed.

We'll see how it survives the rest of the year.
‌Not too much to go over in this newsletter, but let’s dig in.

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🎉 I finished importing subscriptions and posts from Ghost to the new Substack website. Manually redoing all the tags was slow AF, as was tweaking each post. Unfortunately, a lot of the formatting didn’t translate cleanly. It’s done now! Subscribers must adjust their notifications, as the platform does email/app ping for each post. (My options are to do that or do nothing, so it’s essential that you set things up on your end.)

🖥️ I added a good handful of games to the Steam Curator page. (If you haven’t followed me on Steam Curator- do it! Please help us reach our membership goal for our next game key giveaway.) I still need to catch up on listing the games to the website directories. I also added a few things to the website calendar.

🎉 Be a pal and vote in this poll for me-gathering some info!‌

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

Infection Free Zone updated their demo, so that’s worth checking out. Icarus announced an upcoming expansion. Sunkenland announced a release date for Early Access. You can request access to the playtest for Pathless Woods by hitting up their Steam store page. The playtest runs until August 4th. Reminds me of Grounded/Palia/Aloft. Did anyone pick up Grand Emprise- or follow along with the drama?

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Survival: Fountain of Youth is still on track with a significant content update in the first half of August- a new region, traps, and more! Now that I’ve finished the shift from Ghost to Substack, I need to sit and sift through the massive backlog of post drafts and ideas that have languished since the end of May. The Infected developer is reworking the map, so checking the images on the roadmap and verifying if the environmental changes will impact your base is essential. If you play Elder Scrolls Online, complete your daily log-ins for August! A fox mount is up for grabs.

💙 Last Week!

Music: Back to listening to this on repeat.
App or Item: Hands down, my Switch. Sitting still or playing on the PC has been a trial between pain and anxiety. With the Switch, I can sit, lay down, pace, or levitate. I’m a big fan of Dredge. It’s perfect to pick up and put down- nicely distracting for puttering. Any game recommendations? I also like Moonlighter, but I can’t get into Stardew Valley.
Book: If you haven’t read this series by Illona Andrews, you are MISSING OUT.
Game: Remnant 2. Thank you to Mitzi for gifting me the game! I have to say, it’s a different feel than the first game. Thank god I play with Dee because I am fucking terrible at puzzles.
Best Hashtag Moment: Finishing the Ghost to Substack swap safely!