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Less Summer, More Fall!

Where the hell did September go??

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Man, that was a rough iPhone purchase rollout last week! I feel like previous years were much smoother- I guess everyone was hyped to jump off lightning cables and into USB-C.

Am I the only one who feels like September is flying by? Maybe it feels faster than normal because people hang decorations for holidays ranging from Halloween to general Fall decorations to turkeys and other Thanksgiving fodder. Plus, all the fall festivals showcase tons of holiday-themed crafted art. Speaking of fall weather- has anyone upped their outdoor time for this, the MOST BESTEST OF SEASONS? We’ve been leaning into short outdoor hikes, and I’m lining up day trips and other events for October and November. (Paid subs will see more details and pictures in the subscriber post!)

One of the big things in the area is the Ohio Rennisance Festival- and while it can’t hold a candle to the one I used to attend back in NY, it’s not bad! Show of hands - any other Renaissance festival attendees? Do you dress up?? Pix plz.

Dredge just dropped a new update, so it's time to get fancy.

Let’s jump into the past week!

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

📝 I revived the long-dormant Facebook and started posting the Substack articles there. Also resumed posting to Twitter, though I hate it. You can also find us on Reddit!

👤 Our latest POI newsletter featured Radu, the Product Designer of Escape the Pacific. This Friday, we get the deets on SnowBee, a trusted authority on 7D2D mods.

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

Dead Matter launched into Early Access after a hundred years of Kickstarter-backed development- and shit has been going baaaaaaadly for them. Basically (from reviews and first-hand accounts, since the game is $40 bucks and fuck that, I have not purchased it), it runs like crap, and everyone is wondering what the development team has been doing for years. A developer for Aloft posted to their Discord that they were the target of a hack- so they deactivated the demo on the store page out of an abundance of caution. The Long Dark Dev Diaries are already amazing because the game is amazing, but the latest one mentioned that the Merch store will be popping back into existence briefly! I have been waiting for this moment since Covid closed the store years ago. Winter Survival announced a release date of February 28th, 2024. Neat to read on the Unity engine drama on Medium, though the entire thing continues to evolve. This is an excellent post from the developer of Homeseek, comparing the game to Frostpunk and illustrating the differences.

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Stoked for the top-down zombie survival title HumanitZ (demo available); release is today! Wildmender is a desert gardening survival game that dropped on September 28th, and the Dwarven survival (?) title The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is released on October 24th. Want to visit Hawaii? Check out Fractured Veil, a mutant-filled multiplayer survival game set to release into Early Access on October 18th. Not survival, but fuck if I care, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released on December 7th to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Amazon Luna. Last Oasis is possibly pivoting to modders/mods to save the game after being radio-silent for ages. If you’re a builder into low-key survival mechanics, Retreat to Enen will be dropping a massive new update soon! New biome, mechanics, and more.

💙 Diversions

🎵 Music: A lot of 80’s and 90’s this week. The nostalgia is strong.

‌➡️ App or Item: I’m enjoying the Cleanshot app!

‌📚 Book:

‌🎮 Game: Dee and I benched SCUM for a while because of the connection issues we were experiencing when attempting to jump into any dedicated server. After months away, I’m happy to report that the game is once again working (for now), and we were able to jump back in and play.

‌#️⃣ Best Hashtag Moment: I tried doing a test post on the Substack backend that I managed to muck up three times before I tossed in the towel, so that was a treat. I also deleted an organizational setup, then walked it back this morning and had to recreate it. I know these don’t sound like the best moments, but they amused me, which matters.