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Where Have All The Yodels Gone?

Ho ho's! (Not a Xmas thing.)

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I have a handful of issues with Ohio. There’s a ton of pollen, which means if you’re from a less pollen-ridden state, you practically die each summer. No one seems to understand the concept of pizza by the slice- plus, they keep trying to serve me pizza cut into little squares. And for some reason, there’s an array of shelf-stable food items that I cannot find in this state at all.

Like Yodels.

I really do keep my diet clean of low-grade crap, honest. (Hey- I no longer eat Cosmic Brownies! I know they’re terribly disgusting, but at least I last ate those in middle school.) But c’mon now- how do you not have Yodels?? The closest I could get is Ho Ho’s, which makes me feel worse about myself, to be honest.
(I think it’s a box art thing??)

Anyone else move to a different state and find themselves adrift from a beloved item?

Let’s jump into the past week!

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

📝 Our Notion game directory is still under construction. You can view the work-in-progress database at this link. (The link is new.)
Feedback is incredibly welcome, so hop into the comments or contact me on Discord. The database is still a WIP, so most primary page filtering is inactive. ‘Altered States’ and ‘Upcoming’ views/games are done! I spun the others (from the more extensive Curator list) into a separate view I can parse through as I work on the cards.

💻 Still making some behind-the-scenes changes to the Discord. I swapped the Game forum section to Gallery, which I think allows for a more excellent user experience as I onboard more game discussion threads.

💻 Articles this week!

🌲 Survival Community Tidbits

Last Week

⌛ We saw Return to Moria launch to a fair amount of amusement on my part. I read a (prerelease) interview from one of the developers calling their combat the “best third-person melee combat in the survival genre.” Then I read the avalanche of reviews remarking that the combat was the worst thing in the game. ARK Ascended was released on equally shaky footing; graphical and connection issues plagued players for most of the first day.


Polylithic will enter Early Access on November 9th. The Day Before will join Early Access on *checks notes* December 7th. My experience with the drama surrounding this game led me to urge caution when believing that the date is set in stone.

💙 Diversions

🎵 Music: Though I’ve been bouncing on YT a bunch to catch up on bag reviews, mostly I’ve been playing music on Tidal. The ‘My Daily Discovery’ playlist has been surprisingly good lately! This week was a lot of ANGSTY ANGRY music from my youth. Like this, this, and this.

‌➡️ Most Used: DaVinci Resolve 18. Last week, I mentioned that I traded a bunch of DSLR equipment I hadn’t used in ages and picked up a DJI action camera. I snagged an interior car mount and a neck mount, and I plan to bring them with us on hikes and road trips this fall. So far, it’s been a learning curve, weirdly more fraught with mistakes than when I picked up the drone. (With that, I just crashed into things.) Also, I can’t get Davinci Resolve to play nicely with the files on my PC for some reason. Or at least these files from the camera. Sigh.

‌📚 Fun Consumption: I’ve been working on a piece about survival games and reading survival books. That would be books about survival, not books about survival games.

‌🎮 Game: Sea of Thieves is ALWAYS good for a laugh.

‌#️⃣ Best Hashtag Moment: Working with my ‘nerdherd’ -my small group of community folks- on ideas for Hashtag has been a pleasure the past few days. I also had a great time today on voice chat with community members as we watched the “whatever the fuck that was” trailer for The Day Before.