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What Are Seasons?

Welcome to Dead on Arrival- the place to catch up on all things Hashtag.

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Ohio is doing that typical Ohio weather: wake up in the 30s, then marinate in the 70s by midday in November. Show of hands from the folks in my age bracket- how many of you hit that cold, cold air, think to yourself, “Brrr, it’s cold out here,” and mentally finish with,

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Liars. We all do it.

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🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

📝 Our Notion game directory is still under construction. You can view the work-in-progress database at this link. Feedback is incredibly welcome, so hop into the comments or contact me on Discord.
Here’s a snap of the current backlog.

💻 The major project of last week: Crafting and implementing Discord Server Subscription tiers. I wanted to get this out of the way early and build things up around it simply because folks who support us across various platforms (Substack, Ko-Fi, Paypal, previously on Patreon, etc) have wanted some centralized backer location. After examining fees and friction (basically how annoying the platform is)- I settled on Discord server subscriptions. I eat a bit more in fees this way, but it's far easier for folks to see what supporting Hashtag will grant them without visiting separate spots on the interwebs. I nicknamed the crowd the Unicorn Brigade and commissioned them some avatars/emotes. I look forward to seeing how it develops and how subscribers' ability to help shape Hashtag plays out. (Tip: Like Twitch subscriptions, you want to subscribe to Discord server sub on a desktop client or browser as mobile tacks on additional store fees.)

🏕️ Hashtag Survival: Upcoming

I want to finish the backlogged Notion cards so I can put them to rest. I'm eyeballing having it done this week, then shifting to reorganizing the Curator page into lists.

However, I almost want to keep the Curator without lists because it looks simplified and clean. If you have any thoughts either way, feel free to leave them in the comments. Part of the delay with the Notion project is that I only work on it on my PC, where I benefit from two large screens and a mouse. I work four days a week, twelve-hour days, so my PC workdays tend to be Weds/Sat/Sun for Hashtag stuff. On weekends, I carve out time for my wife and cats, my hobbies, and gameplay. So it's in a bit of flux.

This week, I'd like to work on the content buckets for Hashtag moving forward - if that makes no sense at this point, that's okay- and make sure that both sides of Hashtag, the Unicorn Brigade and the general community, have access to great things.

I’ve got a Notion document (okay, it’s a giant mishmash of points I will distill into a document) to help me set this up. Then, hopefully, the next round of weekly ‘catch-ups’ will be SUPER EFFICIENTLY ORGANIZED.

💙 Diversions

🎵 Music: The best music for writing is something I can hear but not hear.

‌➡️ Most Used: Weirdly enough, Lightroom on my iPad Air. Backstory: While (I’m told) I have a good eye for taking photos, I absolutely fall flat on my face with editing. (Fun fact! Becca is excellent at editing, which is another reason we complement each other well. #TeamBecca!) Something about the complexity of Photoshop breaks my brain, so I’ve been trying to stick low-key with Lightroom but still couldn’t click on the PC or laptop. But wait. It feels so magical on the iPad. Maybe this is my photo editing lane. So right now, I’m taking our hike outings as the chance to record video (with the action camera for Davinci Resolve) and snap photos (with the iPhone) to work on- and it’s been fun!

‌📚 Fun Consumption: Mostly videos on Davinci Resolve or Lightroom. I can’t say it’s fun, but it mostly breaks my brain.

‌🎮 Game: Tooling around in World of Warcraft. I was really impressed with the two Blizzcon WoW retail presentations. You'll want to do that if you missed them- and the trailer for the next expac. So, so many QoL improvements. And already, my WoW friends are trickling back!

‌#️⃣ Best Hashtag Moment: Taking delivery of the new avatars for the various ranks of the Unicorn Brigade. How fucking fantastic are they? I love Swagger. 🥺