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I went radio silent because I had surgery on the 21st. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed, and they ripped the crap out of my uvula- so basically, I’m on liquid codeine every four hours, which crimps your ability to do much. The first day or two wasn’t too bad, but holy shit, it really started to hurt by Tuesday AM, and my overnight sleep ability has dropped down to 1-3 hours a night. Basically your ears and throat feel like they were scratched up with glass and then covered in salt. Good times.

Basically, I roll around, endlessly pouring liquid down my throat: water, liquid medication, liquid mashed potatoes, and broth. This liquid diet is terrible, but I have to be on it for another 2-3 weeks. I’ve already lost 4 lbs. Today was the first day I felt like I could do anything that required concentration.

So I’m going to see if I can drag myself back into the routine of things- and maybe come up with a thing or two to celebrate the end of the year.
(Don’t quote me on that.)

The rest of this catch-up is going to be pretty light on substance. The latter part of last week was all tied up in the surgery and that crap. The first half was a two-day work week where we had to combine holiday hustle and bustle with the end-of-year shit wrap-up shit, since we closed the business from Dec 20- Jan 2nd.

🗣️ Discord Highlights

The end of the year is a time for reflection, perhaps examining your favorite pastime.

Plus, we did some more dunking on The Day Before because that’s always fun.

💙 Diversions

I’m just going to skip this entire section for this DOA. I’ve never used a pain medication like this, and mostly, I’d be half alert staring at the tv or ebook, but also having weird ass daydreams or zoning out. I just played a lot of shows that are easy to dip in/out of if your alert factor is LOW AF. Shit like Storage Wars, Law and Order SVU, Sex and the City, 600Lb Life, etc.