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DoA #26

A lot of work was crammed in one week. (Execution: I give myself 2 of 5 stars.)

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This is a quick little catch-up of stuff from the past week.

Ramblers (paid subscribers to the Discord and Ghost), look for your Rambles #6 to come sometime this week alongside your Brigade Babble #2. Though maybe not in the pink unicorn hoodie again. 🧐. And the latest Survival Snippets should go out later this evening from the ConvertKit email addy.
You'll want to check and make sure that Hashtag emails are moved out of your Spam box and into the main Inbox so our game updates aren't lost!

So what are folks up to currently, hanging in Palworld and Enshrouded?


This month's biggest thing has been the footwork and prep for the content/site transfer back to Ghost hosting. Otherwise, I only generated a few small bits of content here and there. A quick YouTube Short of me being mauled by a bear in Subsistence as I dicked around in the game, working on live streaming settings. Last night, the first email went out through the newsletter software I'm trying out, so it's been exciting to watch that work itself out since I've never worked with a newsletter program, minus an aborted and half-hearted attempt to perform with Mailchimp that I quickly shelved half a decade ago.


This week, I kept things knee-deep into the educational realm, tuning in to the HeyCreater Summit 2024 each day from 12-5:30 EST timezone. It's been completely worth it, and it's entirely free. Well, minus having to throw them an email for signup. (You need to make it the spam/porn/throwaway email that you can access because that's how you'll get the Go Live links on each segment.)


Responses trickle in for some of the questions in the first newsletter!
Perhaps I've found a new calling in life!
Hey, now, new callings/jobs for everyone!