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DoA: Your Weekly Hashtag Roundup

Gifs, videos, and more- see what you missed last week!

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I've experimented with various post types in the past month. If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments below!

  • Sifner Shakedown is a deep dive into a topic, person, or organization that interests me. If you've purchased Athos or Junk Survivor, you may want to read my article about developer Neojac.
  • If you've been with Hashtag for a while, you may remember our website-based game directory. (Or even the brief appearance of the Notion-based version!) I talked over my decision to revive the directory in the Discord community as a Game Compendium. So far, I've updated the compendium with 70 games, and I work on it a little each day—as a game is added, I also update the listing on the Steam Curator page.
  • I covered the first piece of EDC gear on Hashtag with this article on the MPL22!I even made a video (embedded in the article) and enjoyed it. I'm putting together some resources for the next article/video and taking note of the feedback and requests from viewers!
  • I've shifted the "Person of Interest" to once a month- we last featured Onikage in March.
  • I want to use the Tinder Talk articles to prompt a little catfighting. JK. I want to see what kinda opinions are voiced when I rant or nitpick. In the first Tinder Talk, I lamented the low bar for entry to the Survival genre.
  • I liked writing "Headlines Are Reality or Asshattery?" because it made me laugh.
  • I changed the intro video for new folks on YouTube and uploaded a few more Shorts.
  • Discord subscribers got a snippet of a new YT podcast episode coming up!
  • Survival Snippets are back and slated for three times a week. I really love the new layout! If you missed Friday's newsletter, hop over here and get signed up.
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I threw in so much other stuff that I don't want to add much personal to this and make it longer. Also, I can't actually think of anything interesting! I will say that I got the car accident check, which is officially DONE AND DUSTED. I ordered a few things for the next gear video and LARGE INHALE- while one set of things was great, the other was a giant mess which I tried to remedy AND almost broke one of my small microphones AND everything was a mess AND it spiraled out of control AND I ended up tossing the entire box of stuff into the dumpster. collapses

Oh, and I really like this song.

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