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DoA: Your Weekly Hashtag Roundup

Gifs, videos, and more- see what you missed last week!

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  • I added 10 games to the Discord Compendium.
  • Tinder Talk #2 went out - talked about DLC!
  • The emails that are sent alongside Ghost posts (like this one!) have been tweaked slightly. Added the Discord link to the bottom alongside a request to forward it to friends who may be interested. Also added a small feedback vote.
  • I tweaked the list of examples on the main newsletter signup- it now includes a recent newsletter that you can scroll through, to get an idea of the kind of content that goes out! (A new one hits inboxes later today, still time to sign up.)
  • The website navigation and tags were updated: made things a little sleeker, redid the main sections, and updated tags applied to posts. The new layout highlights an array of important categories and posts throughout the front page, so happy scrolling!
  • All (minus a few) of the old Dead on Arrival posts have been updated (finally) and are now available for browsing. These posts were put on ice when we completed YE GREAT OLDE WEBSITE SWAP- because they all had to be reformatted to fit the new layout and I had too much on my plate. As part of "housekeeping the backend" - I finally, and completely, deleted all of the old Survival Snippets posts. It would be a waste of time and effort to format news so old/inconsequential.
  • Hashtag Survival News Recap #62 hit email inboxes!
  • Discord and Newsletter subscribers have a new type of Ramblers Only article: Internet Asshats. Our Dingus of the Week blurb, attached to Rambles, just has too many entries- thought it would be easier to spin it into an entire post.
  • Discord Subscribers received a new post with an attached YouTube Video to the Unicorn Gazette! Here's the thumbnail:


A lot of folks have asked me why I focus on email newsletters. I know for many, email is the providence of work/school/bills and endless 💩 marketing emails. And I get that! I guess, for me, I view it a little more kindly because I'm on so many email newsletters: for hobbies, for news, for info, and for tips from creators and solopreneurs.

I think it's been long acknowledged by many a creator that social platforms- like YouTube, Instagram, and others- don't care about the newcomers, small businesses, or fuck it- the everyday casual user. They've never hidden the fact that they provide the platform(s) for free because our attention - and wallets!- are up for grabs to the higher bidder. Back in the day, I remember being able to scroll my FB or IG feed and just see shit from friends or things I cared about! Crazy talk amirite? Scrolling FB now, you tend to get an ad every 2-4 posts. (Geeze, just quick scrolling now- maybe it's like every other post! 😂) And all of that nonsense is before we even get into the weeds about what happens when a social platform completely blows the fuck out of itself- looking, obviously, at Twitter and the Musk drama. Let's also point to things like the disappearance of your AIM friends list, the folks you hung out with on Ventrilo, and everyone who commented on your Livejournal. (Deadjournal, too!)

Throughout it all, email has remained a constant. Though obviously, your specific email may have changed- no one wants to be xXEdiblePanties69Xx forever. (Right??) With email newsletters, I can write directly to you and not worry about it being lost in metrics and algorithms or held hostage to ad views or limits. My email subscribers list is backed up weekly- so if the software I use suddenly vanishes, I'll just upload the list to a new provider and be back in your inbox- uninterrupted. You can even respond directly back to this email to get a targeted and (relatively) timely response, versus being buried in comments. (But yanno, if you want to comment on our website posts, we love that too!) And when Discord is down- which isn't often, to be fair- I can hop onto the newsletter to send out any news that may otherwise be missed during the outage.

So if you're not registered for our newsletter/site- what's stopping ya?

In related news, I was looking over some of the statistics for 2022 and 2023 for newsletters- as well as projections on what's useful for 2024. Most of the major newsletter-related businesses will put out these articles from time to time, talking over statistics and expectations.

mailer Lite
We analyzed data from over 24,000 approved accounts from MailerLite customers based in the USA, Canada and UK in 2023. We only included email marketing campaigns sent to more than 10 recipients. The eventual dataset included over 764,000 campaigns.
-mailer Lite

Here are the stats for Hashtag, followed by the highs and lows overall as reported by their data. (Click rates are the percentage of folks that click on links within the newsletter.)

Hashtag Survival!

Community Snapshots

A big THANK YOU to PakrNinja for the Hashtag shoutout in such a prime profile spot!

Appreciate every single share!