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DoA: Your Weekly Hashtag Roundup

Catch up on everything you missed last week!

Table of Contents


  • Light week for site writing, been trying to focus on work with audio & video projects, just getting bogged down because they require a lot more work. (Also I fuck up more, which slows me down.)
  • In that vein, last weeks DoA was a good one to catch up/start off on, because I covered a lot of important changes and debuted some new pieces of work.
  • Say hello to The Melted Jedi!
  • Sent out email newsletters #63 and #64. Here's a reminder of what they look like- and you can sign up here.
  • I completed a metric ton (an ass load, if you will) of administrative work.
    • Culled (long-term) inactive newsletter subscribers across Ghost/Convertkit. If there's dead weight, where folks aren't opening emails, etc, it pays to remove them and save the space- some programs charge by the body. I try to use a light hand when it comes to this type of edit because I know that many mail programs hide when/if emails are opened. I encourage folks to hit the feedback buttons, reply, or comment once in a while so that I can make note of your activity.
    • Culled over 37 small scrap paper notes that accumulate all over my bag. Productivity and consistency are very much about working systems, and I'm working to streamline how random thoughts leave my brain and translate into something actionable.
    • Bookkeeping work between Discord and Stripe, and Ghost and Stripe. Tax prep/making sure things are in order for 2024.
    • YT and IG admin backend work, including profile and bio tweaks. Plus a change to the Instagram handle, and I culled 90+ followers that were spam or inactive accounts.
    • The monthly Discord server ping. Other Discord tweaks include the addition of a cooking forum thread, and tweaks to the Creator role.
    • Tweaks to the Ghost site (this website/email thread) included the final cleanup of internal tags from the big move, and I went back and renamed all of the Person of Interest articles.
  • Spent a bit of time screwing around with ideas for a logo for the DoA's. Just to cover some dead time at work when it wasn't possible to work on anything else.


Becca and I spent half of Saturday at a local (super large) flea market/antique shop type deal. We have fun meandering through the hundreds of booths and digging out items of interest: Cincinnati is really great for spots like that, for some reason.

Not gonna lie, tempted. I don't drink tea though.

I did pick up this small lantern- gonna hang it up!

Community Snapshots

Happy Birthday to Anne, bestest mod!

I also want to point out that we should never forget that Dee can't throw in video games.

Collecting addresses from Subs for gifts be like ^
Fans devoted to me are doing good though.
We're all friends in the Unicorn Brigade. Honest.