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DoA: Your Weekly Hashtag Recap

Catch up on everything you missed last week!

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  • I started working through some Skillshare Davinci Resolve courses to git gud.
  • I updated the main landing page for Hashtag.
  • Oh, website related note. If any of our pages (Hashtag or the post preview) are borked for you AND you're on Firefox- try turning off Enhanced Protection. For some reason the latest update to Firefox has completely broken it on some sites.
  • There's a new FAQ posted in the game compendium. (Discord Server)
  • Over the past month I've worked with over a dozen creators on a small idea I'd been toying with for a while. I roughed out three email formats, a new landing page, initial email automation, and more. I also sent out a variant (one of three post types) for the new project. This was sent, gratis, to the creators that helped with the initial idea refinement- but it was also posted to the preview section of the site, so everyone can check it out. (Creator Camp #1)
  • Small sales post aimed at early Memorial Day sales.
  • Hashtag Survival New+ #67 (Email Only)
  • POI May- Queen Anne


I still haven't edited the Northern Lights pictures. We finally got a printer that can do capable photo printing, and I'd like to sit and take a good crack at them so I can print some for my YEAR IN REVIEW board (I need a catchier title for that.) - my cobble-together little board with things we do/experience this year. Has anyone else ever done one? I don't even know where I got the idea; it just seemed like a neat way to chart the year. I'll toss a picture of it up onto one of the DoAs in the summer- once I get some more shit on it!

I made a video of the FEESHING for subscribers and posted it to their Discord channel. I need to track down some safe fly zones for drones- I'd forgotten how much fun they are to fly and how neat the recordings/pictures are.

Community Snapshots

Ergonomic next year maybe!

I can't be the ONLY ONE that does this.


An organized mind is an ASS-ET