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Beep, Beep

I knew Mondays were bad news.

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This is so fucking late, and I'm so apologetic that I can't even think of an interesting starter for the newsletter. If you're not a part of the Discord (get in here!)- the TLDR of it is as follows: I was involved in a car accident earlier this week. Besides feeling cruddy and sleeping a lot, my entire waking existence has been spent trying to make heads or tails of the fallout, calling/juggling clients from my job, rescheduling things, etc.


So, I promise to return to my normal scintillating opener next Monday, and I apologize for the tardiness and brevity of the newsletter this time.

Hope your week has been better!

‌Onwards to the newsletter. ‌

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🎉 Becca will be releasing a series of reviews on Society Survival (aka survival builder) titles- she's currently working on Frostpunk. Is anyone excited for Frostpunk 2?!

🖥️ Splicing the directory in two! Kind of a big side project I've been working on for a bit, based on the fancy survival definition we worked up. I'm unsure when it will go live since it has many moving parts. The upcoming directory will continue to be one large block with no filters. (Safer for my sanity.)

🎉 Be a pal and vote in this poll for me-gathering some info!‌

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

⌛ I love this vegan community option; nice touch Floodland! Nightingale Early Access was delayed, which was to be expected. I hope whatever is done during this delay is more productive than how Endnight handled their delay. You can now playtest Chinese Frontiers with their new Prologue. I tried the playtest a while back and didn't click with it, but builder-minded people may like it. Homeseek is pumping out some exciting changes & improvements- and also guides!

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Above Snakes entered full release status today, bypassing Early Access entirely. I recommend picking it up, but if unsure, check out the Prologue demo- your progress will transfer! EposVox, aka 'The Stream Professor,' will release a masterclass on OBS Studio. The presale price for this course is phenomenal, so check it out.

💙 This Week!

Music: Stressful week, so listening to this on repeat. ‌
App: Digging into my Notion and remembering how much I love it. ‌
Book: Back to my younger years with Where the Red Fern Grows
Game: The Long Dark
Best Hashtag Moment: I'll get back to you next week.