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DoA: Weekly Hashtag Recap

Catch up on everything you missed last week!

Table of Contents


  • Part two of the Open World Survival Crafting Fest coverage! (Part one is near the bottom of this list.)
  • YouTube Community Poll on Demos!
  • I did a lot of backend work on the Discord accounts and the 250+ servers I'm currently a part of- first, with a culling. Culled 34 Discord servers from the main account and shifted them to secondary accounts. (One brand, one binned.) Shifting how I handle the organization of the Discords will help me target the specific news type(s) I need for newsletters and videos.
  • Derelicts Short #1 (Youtube)
  • ConvertKit backend work (Updated ConvertKit email template gallery, general template work, finalized template for Creator Camp)
  • Updated profile of Steam Group attached to the Steam Curator
  • Culled cold signups from the free newsletter. (Signups that haven't confirmed their email subscription in three months.)
  • Revived and culled old Patreon page to steal back the correct URL
  • Shifted Internet Asshats #1 to the Patreon sub-feed as a post.
  • The last Patreon teaser post featured early access to the featured image for last Thursday's article.
  • OWCS Fest
  • The Case for Curator article
  • After conducting a Discord community poll, I'm benching work on the Discord version of the game compendium to see about making a YT video variant.
  • Added Landnama to the Steam Curator page
  • Survival Game & EDC Recap: May 27-31 (An adorable game idea out of development death? Early heads up! Email Only)
  • Discord livestream of a half dozen demos from the snooze fest.
  • Updated Curator: Frigid, IXION, AETHUS, Soulmask, Renown


While our regular jobs have set schedules, the side gigs that Becca and I do always mean that there's a chance we'll be uprooted in the plans for the week. It can be a bit of a pain in the ass for Becca since most of her development time lately is spent fucking around in the Unreal Engine, and it's not something she's set up to work with yet on her laptop. For me, the wonky day in my schedule is Mondays because so much of my time and mindset depends on the clients that show up and how I feel after dealing with them for a while. (Rage, apathy, dead inside, etc.)

Today was actually fairly efficient, as far as Mondays go, but man, I fucking hate summer weather. The heat and humidity zap me of my will to exist.

Hands up if your favorite season is fall.

Community Blips

I never worried about my info when JEEVES was in charge. Hmm.

I said I wanted to "make it rain" with my YouTube, but should have been more specific.

When you REALLY want to win.

times are rough, in capes or out.



ASKA Me Anything

ASKA Me Anything

Shh, I know this is the 12th time today I've seen this joke.

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