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DoA: Weekly Hashtag Recap + Important News!

Catch up on everything you missed last week!

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A few quick notes from the monthly Discord ping.

  • The Open World Survival Crafting Square Dance and Baking Fest is now live on Steam. You can tell they're really hip to the genre parameters because we get a bunch of extra words in our title. Eat your heart out, "FARMING Fest," "VR Fest," and "Strategy Fest" - it must hurt to be so small and lame. Many of you gave me positive feedback on the two-part posting for the last Next Fest- the first being CAUGHT MY EYE and the second being HOW THAT PLAYED OUT FOR ME. So, I'll post an article today on the nonsense that caught my eye. However, you'll see familiar titles on the list, like ALOFT, The SIGNAL, and ASKA.
    o help you spend wisely, I spent the morning completely updating the Steam Curator Page. Use it avoid buying dead shit.
  • For the creators on the tiny CC newsletter list, I won't be sending out an email about this festival. We've been in touch and discussed some of the demos - and that'll have to be enough. It will be running by the next Next Fest (also the next next Next Fest) - and we'll see how the new format plays out there. What's CC, you ask? CC stands for Creator Camp, the germ (seed?) of an idea I've worked on for the past few months with a few dozen creators. You've complained about Creator pain points; I've listened across Discord servers and taken notes- and here we are. I expect to launch it within the next week or two - the initial cohort (group!) will cap at 15 folks, of which 7 spots are reserved for our Patreon Swagger Tier. That leaves 8 spots up for grabs! If you're interested in the concept and want to discuss/reserve your spot, contact me via Discord DM or slide into my emails - once I shift the signup page live, it's open to whoever gets a spot.
  • Yes, we're back on Patreon! I had a page back during the active Podcast a few years ago and decided it was time to shift the subscription setup again. The Discord Subscription model is interesting- there's a lot to be said for having your active Discord community see your tiers and engage in the same program they use and love. My swap is simply because my community spans both the email inbox and the Discord app, and gathering their perks in one spot is easier. Note that the Swagger tier is now capped at 7 spots- I've enjoyed the input on the "inner circle" of the Nerd Herd- it's nice to have that arrangement of Nerd Herd Feedback - Becca and Dee - I decide.


  • I'm working on the YouTube backend, including updating the header and profile images. I'll be parsing through the videos this week and updating titles and thumbnails. I'd like to hit 100 subscribers within four weeks. After that, the next goal is 500 subs to open the membership option for my old Twitch subscribers. So some of the long-form content, like the chat with Romain (Derelicts developer), will also be cut down into clips. I hope the content coming to that platform is helpful for you guys- I have a lot of ideas.
  • Most of the weekend was spent at this virtual creator conference. I got a lot of great info from it—to the tune of a dozen handwritten pages—but it was hours and hours of content to absorb, take notes on, and think about. Now, I'll shelve the notes for a few days and look at them with fresh eyes next weekend to see how to translate them into changes and improvements here at Hashtag.
  • Memorial Day Sales Post Part 2
  • Closed out all of the Discord subscription tiers and folded down most channels.
  • Created a Patreon page, added three backer tiers, and started prep on previous backer content to transfer to Patreon.
  • Survival Game & EDC Recap: May 20-25 (email only)
  • Final conversations with creators about the Creator Camp project - plus tweaks.
  • Cleaned up the entire current curator catalog. (I wanted to do this entire sentence in C's. "Cultivated, Culled, Caressed current curator catalog" maybe? I feel like I need a third C to make it work, but my brain broke.)


Nothing this week, honestly. I've felt like crap, Becca has felt like crap, and the weather here has been humid AF and 80+ degrees. It's not been the shit of which inspirational posts are made of! But theoretically, it will be slightly cooler this week, which may help! Plus, I was off work today, which always helps.

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