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"...engage in unconventional living"

“Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th-century invention, and I don't want one.”

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Happy Monday!

I'm meandering my way through writing a post about books, specifically books that shaped my love of survival. For once, it's not the writing dragging me down; it's just my short attention span getting me lost in Libby.

If you aren't already aware, Libby is a fantastic app that lets you read books from your local library—virtually! For free! You can borrow 20 books at one time, there are audiobooks and magazines, and it works on many devices. I read primarily on my smartphone and iPad, but I think it even works in browsers.

Anyway. I'm currently bogged down reading, for the millionth time, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer. I love the book, the movie, the background story. The life, choices, and (manner of) death of Christopher Johnson McCandless can be a highly polarizing topic for many. If the picture below piques your interest, please read Krakauer's version of events and check the movie adaptation of McCandless' life. Then hit me up in Discord or the comments below to discuss things!

Onwards to the newsletter.

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🗄️ Multiple games were added to the game directory, the upcoming game directory, and the Steam curator page. All three locations place the most recently made post first. I also did a big ass (it's a scientific term) pass through the curator blurbs and made many alterations. Though I have subgenres on the curator page, many games still need to be sorted- those that are upcoming, dead, or that I haven't learned much about. You can contact me directly to discuss a game -if it's missing or if I gave it a bad review.

🖥️ I went back and further simplified the navigation menu on the directory website. I am inches away from calling it a day on the setup, but I'm unsure. Part of me feels like a third directory setup is buried somewhere, but I can't quite articulate what it would be. Some have suggested a directory of my favorite titles or a directory that splits off the dead/abandoned/shitty games from the main game index. If you have any thoughts, pop them into the comments, Discord, or PM me.

🎉 Looks like we'll be hitting multiple follower/subscriber goals soon, which means multiple GAWs! Be sure to join Discord to get a chance to win some keys.

❣️Noteworthy Game Stuff

Last week- Occupy Mars will officially rocket into Early Access on May 10th. I'm kind of 50/50 on it- I want to try it because I like to try anything survival-esque, but I'm also not much of a space guy?? The developer of Karagon canceled a game that was supposedly about to be released, and people are now mad, which I don't get at all. Nothing about the track record with Karagon should have inspired confidence - two poorly performing demos followed by rushing the game through Early Access- and the developer was never shy about letting folks know he was working on multiple titles at once. V14 content - new map, AI- is on the live branch for The Infected! Please read the top of the patch notes to ensure you access the correct branch for your save; I didn't write that shit for funsies. Jaws of Extinction has rearranged its roadmap, pushing back the transition to UE5 (slightly), which moves co-op development up the chain!

📅 This Week

🔮 Okay, so it's not technically this week, but the developers for SCUM teased the new update is dropping "soon," so I can dream!
I want to try and do one Snippet post daily- even when the pickings are somewhat slim; I think there's enough stuff going on across the genre to enhance the news section. I may also insert some straw polls! I want to get some feedback from folks- I have a variety of ideas brewing, and I'm interested in what you think. Next week, I'll also see about adding another section to this newsletter.

Till next time!