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Everybody loves a sale!

Help me, help you.

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As our Discord dwellers know, I'm a dabbler in the EDC scene.

Everyday carry or every-day carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day. The main reasons for having EDC are utility, self-sufficiency, and preparedness: to help individuals improve simple everyday problem solving, from the mundane to possible emergency situations such as first aid or self-defense. - Wikipedia

Memorial Day weekend is always a great time for EDC sales, but there are a lot of other sales ongoing, so the list below will be a blend of both EDC (mostly bags) and non-EDC!

Keep in mind that everything I recommend I actually use, so hit me up in the comments or Discord if you have questions on an item!

Topo Designs offers great outdoor stuff if you like to tool around outdoors, hike, or even do day hikes. Many of their bags are made from recycled nylons, water-resistant, and feature bright, eye-catching colors perfect for the festival or trail. My wife and I are big fans of their 'Face Mask' and 'Face Mask Classic' - both currently on sale for $3.

Blueair purifiers are typically pricey as fuck- but these are purifiers that work. Previously we were knee-deep in the Honeywell brand - not terrible, and easily attainable via Amazon or your local home improvement store. Blueair blows their asses out of the water. Our eight cats are on high-quality food with high-quality litter, but we still like running a purifier to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape in a smaller apartment. We frequently have folks who don't even realize we own cats with no odor. And our litter boxes are in the first room you enter! The one thing to remember with any purifier is that it isn't magic- if your pet or you take a stinky dump, it will not instantaneously absorb the smell. We have a Classic 605, purchased on sale.

Lochby offers some of my favorite EDC accessories related to carrying around gear, notebooks, and tools-their items are made from waxed canvas and look stellar. Check out my article on the Lochby products my wife and I use!

Timbuk2 makes fantastic quality bags. I used their backpack for years before swapping brands to something larger and more organized. (That was a change in my needs and nothing reflective of the brand.) Their gear is durable and attractive at a great price point. If you're someone that bikes often, they're a great brand to check out, as many of their bags are targeted specifically at folks that use a bike as part of their commute. I have a Timbuk2 roller (luggage), previously had an Armory laptop, bag-which I not only used for 4 years but sold to someone who is STILL using it-and Becca has a tote/bag type thing.

Leafshave is dedicated to providing plastic-free shaving gear. Getting behind that is a great goal; their products are wonderfully simple and long-lasting. The initial purchase is the most expensive part of the process. After that, you don't have to use their leaf-branded pre-cut shaving blades; you can use any standard safety razor blade. (Safety razor blades are 100 for 9.99 typically, or can be cheaper!) I use a leaf razor, and Becca uses both the razor and the dermaplaner.

Leatherman offers a free piece of gear with any purchase over $120. I have an older Leatherman multi-tool currently; they last forever. I plan on snagging a Skeletool at some point.

ALPAKA has phenomenal pouches and bags to complement your EDC gear. They work primarily in Xpac, a waterproof fabric that is very damage-resistant. I have their Tech Case, while Becca has a Bravo Sling Max Pro and a Tech Brief.

ALRIGHT. Time to cut this off before it's twelve feet long.

So what sales are you shopping - or trying to avoid- this holiday weekend?