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Feeling Clean!

Inhale Good Shit. Exhale Bullshit.

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Let me qualify the whole “feeling better” thing with the footnote of my sleep is still absolute shit. Right now, weaning off the sleep meds, I’m getting one to two bouts of sleep each night, each lasting roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. It ain’t great.

I feel better because I’m back to feeling aware of my surroundings and life. To feel like you have the energy- and give the required fucks- to move past a simple shower and into doing a whole self-care routine or utilize products beyond plain soap and shampoo, well. Feels good, man.

Pictured above is part of my FANCY MAN KIT, the Slick Scrub from Johnny Slicks. It smells fucking delicious- and I don’t even like coffee. But hey, if you have a beard or mustache (or both!), check out Johnny Slicks.

Let’s jump into the past week!

🏕️ Hashtag Survival Catchup

🖥️ I dove into some exciting titles spotted at MathChief’s Gaming Expo but didn’t feel too inspired to make one for the Gamescom trailer reveals.

🖥️ Say hello to Becca! Say hello to Dee!

🖥️ Frostpunk gets a cold thumbs up from Becca.

🖥️ I did update a handful of Curator posts, but I still need to schedule a massive rehaul of the Steam curator page and both website directories.

❣️Noteworthy Last Week

Sunkenland and Nowhere: Mysterious Artifacts dropped into Early Access - big thank you to the developers of both titles for sending over game keys. Icarus released their new expansion- a good time to save some cash, as they’re also running a sale. Big things ahead for Square Glade, the studio behind Above Snakes! Farthest Frontier turned one! I waited forever for Gord to drop; the reviews aren’t going well. Little Nightmares III was announced! (It’s not survival, bite me.)

📅 Upcoming

🔮 Stoked for Endzone 2! Currently slated to release in Q1 2024. Infection Free Zone relaunched their demo and is available until September 4th. We tried the game during February’s Steam Next Fest and are big fans! Check out PAX West 2023 -September 1st to 4th- and get your hands on the demo for Pacific Drive! The game will be released in early 2024, and this neat new trailer was recently released. I caught the newest trailer for Nightingale during Gamescom. It was…fine. In other news, the game will launch into Early Access on February 22, 2024.

💙 Diversions

🎵 Music: Harken to a simpler time when music videos made sense.

‌➡️ App or Item: Okay, so I haven’t dug into this one yet, but I’m excited to get started with some journaling in the Day One app. Some of the writing may get spun into a locked series on the Substack, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

‌📚 Book: The Temeraire series is one of my favorite series. If you like dragons, give it a shot.

‌🎮 Game: Okay, don’t judge us but! Becca and I have been spending a fair amount of time this weekend catching Pokemon. She’s been in Violet, and I’ve been knee-deep in Arceus. I managed to snag the two games- in cartridge form, no less- for $60 via the FB marketplace. The Switch has been great to game on since it can work with me being seated or standing, wandering, or trying to relax in bed.

‌#️⃣ Best Hashtag Moment: I enjoy watching the Hashtag Discord community take shape- there’s a lot of great conversation and engagement happening daily. Our Discord tends to be more active than similar niche Discords, and I’m super proud.