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Our Discord Game Compendium

Games and opinions and judgement- oh my.

Table of Contents

If you're tired of scouring Steam for your next gaming fix, the Hashtag Discord may be able to give you a leg up into gaming nirvana. Or, at the very least, help you kill a few hours while emptying your wallet.

Hashtag Oldtimers- #OldButHip - may remember the OG gaming directory we had hosted on our WordPress site many moons ago. It was an excellent tool for many, but stumbled in a few key ways- it was expensive to maintain (hosting and related costs, plugins to set it up, etc.), and it was time intensive as fuck. I also had to point it out to folks continually since this was back the day before we sent out news by email. It was a much slower time back then!

When I shifted hosts and removed the game database, I briefly parked some of the work onto a Notion public page. Don't get me wrong—I love Notion 4reals. But it is equally obnoxious to maintain there because it's very time-intensive to type all these itty-bitty words into the itty-bitty columns and data fields. (I have to get Becca to write the database/functions because I am bad at LOGIC.) Plus, while you can publish Notion pages, it doesn't give them a user-friendly URL, which is a recurring sharing issue.

Notion database!

Discord has a few options for sharing and showcasing static info/content: Threads, Forums, and Media channels. While Media channels are locked to Server Subscriptions, and Threads require digging to find, Forums are actually pretty damn helpful! I've used them to handle suggestions/requests on some game servers, and we use one in Hashtag to showcase personal content like shared videos or live streams.

I took a stab at setting one up earlier in the week, and so far, I think it's going pretty well! It will take me a bit to get caught up to the Notion (100+ games) and Steam Curator (180+ games), but I roughed out some filters and started to onboard games.

This is going to be an entirely different beast from both of the earlier incarnations of the compendium—I won't be adding the Hashtag Subgenres to this version of the compendium, nor will I be adding game-relevant filtering like multiplayer, building, PVP, etc.
Two reasons:
- Adding a shit ton of filters does not play well with the Discord gallery at all. Maybe they could add a secondary filter option to the gallery in the future.
- It's a massive pain in the ass to maintain, especially for Early Access titles that are still feeling out their plans, changing things to suit backers. Or whatever.

I will create a second variant of this compendium in the Discord Subscribers area (sidenote: our Discord subscriptions and other donations support all of Hashtag's work/needs) in the future, and that will have a slightly different focus/layout.

Also- other options exist! You can (obviously) drill through Steam and its endless filters; if you want an idea of games that exist in general, you can hit up Gameoneer's website, and if you'd like everything laid out on a large page, try Survival Gaming Club.

For myself, the Game Compendium in the Hashtag Discord will be the spot to "show my work," as it were, to provide in-depth background for folks judging a purchase and wanting to make the most of their money/time investment, especially for those that shoddy Early Access titles or Kickstarter games have burned.

It's also handy to follow me on Steam Curator since that pops up the little block of my review on the store page as you shop!


The TLDR is: if you haven't already, joining our Discord is handy for a variety of things, even if you never want to talk/engage with folks. It's still beneficial for alerts, cat pics, and tools like the Compendium. I paused other content briefly while completely redoing the Discord, including updating the game discussion forum and adding new channels for the server subscribers. However, I still have to populate those. I should resume regularly scheduled villainy in the near future.