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Happy Birthday, Hashtag Survival!

Cheers to my 40th Birthday and Hashtag’s 3rd!

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While my age is locked to 40, thanks to Becca’s math skills, and February 7th, thanks to my mother- Hashtag’s age and birthday are slightly ambiguous. Whether we go by Discord server creation, invite dates, concept inception, or the switch to Hashtag Survival, the timeline and date are as hazy as a foggy morning. Associating it with my birthday, moving forward, makes it unforgettable. (Much like choosing a wedding date on Halloween, of which I am possibly guilty.)
Age three also seems to ring a bell.

Hashtag has evolved A TON over the years—hosting, website type, game criteria, and even its logo underwent transformations. Despite facing countless obstacles from other creators, Steam, developers, and more, my steadfast passion for a complete survival experience never wavers.

As we dive into a drama-packed 2024 amidst rising temperatures and a concentrated assault on the survival genre (hello, Palworld), it’s reassuring to have this community to rant and banter with; I appreciate you joining in and sticking around.

Here’s to a thrilling 2024—long live Hashtag Survival!

Some old-school stuff!

The first incarnation of the website.
Oh, we were so young and naive.
The first season of the podcast made the rounds!
We completed a tiny unicorn-themed FUNDRAISING drive.
Unicorn Brigade creation!