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Headlines Are Reality or Asshattery?

I love AND hate all things in equal measure.

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I love and hate this stuff.

Has your mom, spouse, partner, friend, teacher, or dog ever cautioned you about using words like "love" and "hate" too much? My wife, Becca, always tells me, "You don't really hate that!" or "Do you really love that?"

And I get it! As reviews continue to turn into absolute garbage for games and elsewhere (looking at you, Amazon) - it seems like folks either LOVE the thing or WANT IT TO DIE IN TWELVE FIRES. There's never a middle ground, no- well, it did X great, but it could have done better on Y. I can't quite tell if that's what influences gaming publication headlines lately or if they're just crazy ass lazy and relying on the titles being extremely lazy clickbait.


Even if, for some random fucking reason, you get me to click on one of these titles one time: nine times out of ten, the article and game are so at odds with your headline that I don't go back to anything you post ever again. Even now, I only use the RSS feeder to catch news/titles that I may otherwise miss, and then I Googlefu myself to my answers, info, and thoughts.

The survival genre is even worse in this aspect right now, lacking guardrails and subject to an infinite deluge of folks applying the tag to profit (literally) from its current popularity.

The cherry on top of the frustration sundae is when you see these headlines for games that shouldn't even be here. The closest approximation I can imagine is if some pizza joint had a special for a pie with teriyaki sauce and chicken on top - pizza, like baked potatoes, functions as a beautiful mechanism to insert all types of toppings into your mouth- and the local news wrote it up as LOCAL PIZZA JOINT REVOLUTIONIZES CHINESE FOOD!!111

Celebrity gif. Jennifer Lawrence nods sarcastically and says, "Ok," as she gives a thumbs up.

Seriously, people, sit on it and spin. These titles will do OK in the ocean of action, adventure, and RPGs where they belong—they don't need to ride our coattails.

  • I am curious to see where ASKA ends up on its development journey. The most recent trailer makes me think Valheim had a baby with Tribes of Midgard, maybe?
  • Folks disappointed—or bored—with Enshrouded, Palworld, and Nightingale have already asked me if I know of anything similar in that "kinda an MMO lite open world action/adventure type thing."
    I'd say check out Dune and Under a Rock because both seem like they're going to be equally wide but shallow. (Dune mostly; UAR may tilt a little more like Valheim.)
  • No, I haven't changed my thoughts on Nightingale from what's up on my Curator- enough friends have weighed in on the issues/quirks that I think you can still safely play some other stuff while they fix things up.

I haven't changed my thoughts on Winter Survival.

Quick footnote: this is so amazing.

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