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I Deserve It For Free! (O RLY?)


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DayZ players, the time for rejoicing is here!

We're finally getting a content update that will be substantial, not just "I HEARD YEW GUYZ LYK GUNZ." And yet. And yet. Folks are heckin' mad.

Let's discuss.

So what are we getting?
We're getting a new map, fuckers! Well, technically, it's called the DayZ Frostline Expansion, and I wonder if that's because of all of the changes/content bundled in that aren't relevant to a new environment.

Source: DayZ Frostline Steam Store Page. MANY THINGS.

This seems great! Is it not great? You're making me concerned.
I'm concerned, too! I was ready to be happy, excited, and impatient while waiting for the release. I watched the announcement trailer. I quickly averted my eyes as the press embargo lifted, and the large/popular DayZ streamers dropped a metric shit ton of videos with more details. (You can hop on YouTube to see more footage of the map and what was shown to them at their behind-the-scenes peep. I'm keeping my eyes PURE AND CHASTE.) I plugged the announcement into the Hashtag Survival Discord early this AM and squeed excitedly with my sister. (Are you not there yet? Join us!)

Then I pulled up the Steam announcement, happy to have great news to headline in the following email newsletter.

Friend, the comments there were stacked with so much crying. Let me demonstrate.


Then, when the positive comments flooded YouTube and the Steam announcement, the crying fled to the store page for the Livonia map and started review-bombing it.

They read mainly like the ones posted above (Y NOT FREE? WHEN WILL YOU GIVE ME A REFUND FOR LIVONIA??!111)

Isn't this a touch...extreme? To demand a refund - or freebie- for a map you purchased - if at launch- over three years ago?

Yesss. I mean, to me, yes- it very much is all sorts of dumb. Let's see:

  • The concept of older content- maps, DLC, etc. - being bundled in when new stuff comes out is common. In fact- would you NOT want to get the old maps/whatever included when you purchase something? This seems like a step in the right direction.
  • You bought the game ages ago- why the fuck would you get something for free years later? How magical and all-encompassing do you think your 20 or 40-dollar one-time purchase is?
  • If you bought the game more recently, RIP for you, I'm very sorry for your loss. (Unless, again, 'recently' is doing some heavy lifting in this scenario.) But sometimes shit happens. If you've never ever (ever) purchased something before it's gone on sale or been turned on to something new that you want NOW right after it came off of a sale- well. You are truly blessed, my child.
  • Is it like Namalsk? Maybe! They're both cold and have snow, ergo Y WE NEED DIS. Or perhaps this is something different, with new mechanics and features and more than just a new zone? (Though it is also a new zone.)

If you didn't like Livonia after purchasing it, that sucks. It happens. Sometimes, DLC doesn't click. I personally found Livonia 100x more exciting and productive than Cherno, which I hate and think is boring crap. (I also love Namalsk, but that's neither here nor there.)

But you can't expect any developer to continuously add content without a price tag existing somewhere. (No Man's Sky is both a unicorn AND an atonement for sins.) Frostline is still a mystery. (I'm not watching any of the SPOILER stuff from the more prominent creators; I'm unsure what info is being released!) The price hasn't been announced, the specifics of the content haven't been explained, and the plan/path forward hasn't been made clear.

It seems a little early to rage, panic, and act like the sky is falling or you're being inconvenienced for paying for a block of new content. If you don't want to experience it- don't buy it.

But leave Livonia alone. 🤪

As always, your viewpoint is welcome!