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MathChief's Game Expo!

Unofficial Theme: Throw more guns at it.

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Did you catch MathChief’s Game Expo on Monday?

I saw ‘survive’ and ‘survival’ tossed around a fair bit, though I only really got a vibe (you know the vibe) from a couple of titles.

HUNTERS: Uprising is a hardcore, tactical PvPvE first-person shooter. Track and kill dangerous alpha monsters in the infested zones worldwide, kill nightmarish monsters, and outwit other players - alone or in a group. Then rest in the safe zone, upgrade your base, hunt, fish, and survive.

Thoughts: A lot of run-and-gun gameplay footage, which is more of a Dee thing. I’m a bit more in the ‘not interested’ column after reading, “Competitive, match-based gameplay combines PvP and PvE elements to create a uniquely tense PvPvE experience where your gear is always at stake.” The last time I cared to PvP with guns was probably in Day of Defeat. (I don’t count Sea of Thieves.) Possible redemption exists with “hunting, fishing, crafting in survival mode,” paired with a smidgen of footage with the player eating and drinking. However, I assume it’ll just be eating food to replenish a basic meter. It may be more of a typical FPS, similar to aspects in PROJEKT Z. But made by self-professed survival game veterans…so we shall see.

As One We Survive is a top-down survival game set in a post-apocalyptic America. Step into the shoes of a father as he tries to find help for his sick daughter during a grid-down post-pandemic event. Fight, scavenge, craft, and gather resources for your family's survival.

Thoughts: I’m interested in checking this title out! I am so interested, in fact, that I backed it on Kickstarter - it's still time to get in on it! Some highlights from the trailer: maintain hunger/thirst/temp/fatigue, there will be day and night cycles with environmental temperature changes, positional audio from animals allows for tracking (gee SCUM, take note), you can scavenge and craft, or scrounge reclaimed items - cut up curtains for cloth, similar to The Long Dark- and even manage a community.

Sonorous | Deep Down Below drops you alone and lost in the middle of the ocean-find the key to save humanity from an eternal life on the open sea in a continuous fight for survival.

Thoughts: Okay, I’m digging the look of this game. Raft was always too childish for me- I couldn’t get into Escape the Pacific, and I fucking hated the inventory mechanic in Stranded Deep. I'm due for an excellent ocean-based survival title and hope Sonorous may be it. (I know we also have Sunkenland arriving this week, but this vibes differently.) I see a lot of good shit on the website for Sonorous: requirements for food and water, an injury system, hunting, farming, crafting, and more.

Arcticide will have you explore dangerous procedural cities and landscapes in this gritty survival FPS with roguelike elements. Face harsh environments, hostile mercenaries, and inhuman horrors as you navigate a dying near-future Arctic.

Thoughts: When I see survival FPS- or survival extraction shooter- I get a little SUS. We're about to get the "you eat food, ergo survival" Valheim-type spin on things. Expo video footage of Arcticide came across as a reasonably typical FPS title, and it wasn't until I checked the Steam page that I realized it was tagged as a Survival title. We're stringing much responsibility on "Manage hunger, stamina, and other immersive survival systems."
I guess I'll keep an eye out for more detailed information!

Overall, I was pleased with the games included in the livestream of the expo. It’s great to see more games label themselves Survival- and have the credentials to back up the claim. (There is a grain of salt on that; I know two games in this article are borderline.) But still - maybe we’re getting somewhere.

Would love to know if you’re interested in any of these upcoming titles!