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Sifner's Spotlights: Holiday Sales for Video Games, EDC, and More!

Memorial Day Sales = Time to load up on video games, EDC, and more!

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This is part 2 of the holiday sale posts for Memorial Day Weekend—don't forget to check out part 1! Per user feedback, I will focus only on brands/vendors I've had experience with and continue to call out specific items that Becca or I own or have owned.

This is an excellent time to remind folks that I appreciate comments and email responses. Community feedback is always considered when it comes to any Hashtag-created content. (Feedback can be as quick and straightforward as hitting the little Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down vote at the bottom of this email for subscribers receiving this post as an email!)


I expect to see a ton of sales next week when Open World Survival Crafting Fest (or Crafting Survival?? Such a dumb name!) starts- but you can score deals on some early sales.

Nintendo Switch: The Long Dark (50% off), The Red Lantern (90% off), Soul Searching (80% off)

Steam Store: DayZ, Valheim, Survival: Fountain of Youth, and Forever Skies all have sales posted. Some terrible games have sales posted as well—you should avoid those! Follow my Steam Curator page to read reviews on what to buy or avoid.


Many of the brands I listed in Part 1 still have active sales!

Brand: Meriwool
Discount Code: (No code needed)
I CANNOT EXPRESS how much I fucking love Merino wool clothing beyond just saying I fucking love Merino wool clothing. It's comfy. It's lightweight. You can wear it for days and days with zero odor- one of the reasons it's so popular with hikers/campers. I wear my base layers in temps ranging from the mid-20s to mid-70s Fahrenheit with no issue. And Becca, who always feels cold, can use Merino wool pieces to forgo piling on 30 shirts/hoodies to get warm.

Brand: Pull Patch
Discount Code: Memorial20
I love patches and enjoy throwing them on every bag or sling I take out of the house. Pull Patch makes a variety of great 2x3 patches—like, seriously, hundreds —and snazzy hats with 2x3 patch fields. I get compliments on my hat patches all the time!

Brand: Everyman
Discount Code: HONOR
Everyman offers an array of quality EDC products. Years ago, Becca got me a Grafton Brass Mini Twist, one of my favorite pens.

Brand: Mystery Ranch
Discount Code: WEEKEND25
Mystery Ranch makes quality bags for the outdoors, hunting, EDC, and more. Their Futura harness system, available on some bags, is one of the best in the business and makes heavy loads feel comfortable AF. I own Cerberus and Unicorn 2.0, both collaboration bags, and Becca owns Unicorn 2.0.

Cerberus + Me!

More Deals!

  • Holistapet offers quality CBD for pets. (We utilize CBD for our personal pets and client pets!) Use code HERO40 at checkout.
  • If you want to ease your wallet into the EDC lifestyle, you can't go wrong with Timbuk2 (backpacks, messenger bags) or ALPAKA (backpacks, slings, and more)—they're both quality brands. Becca and I have been hands-on with some of their gear at the start of our EDC adventures and have zero regrets. Both brands have discounts automatically applied to weekend sales.
  • Whether you're looking to decrease your plastic footprint or you value quality and well-made shit that works great, I always encourage folks to check out Leaf Shave. We each have a razor (she has a triple blade, and I have a single blade), and she also has their dermaplaner. No complaints- great shaves!
  • If you want an alternative to Yeti tumblers and cups, I heartily recommend Miir! Use code MEMDAY25 and pick out something snazzy.