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Nightingale: Stress or snooze?

But I did get a very nice hat.

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So, brace yourself for my thoughts on Nightingale, especially after the open Stress Test the game held last Friday. I managed to attend for a whopping 45 minutes - before it booted me out at the climax of my messing around-  and that was enough time to confirm/flesh out my previously held opinion on the game. 

Previous Thoughts: Flashy trailers, imposing monsters, and many snazzy Steampunk threads. In 2022, I browsed IGN and MMORPG articles on the behind-the-scenes tidbits from Inflexion Studios. How they planned an MMO, didn't click with it, and decided to go a more "intimate and cooperative route." They also name-dropped Amazon's MMO New World as (essentially) their polar opposite: that New World went from a tight survival-inspired game (I disagree) to what it is now, and Nightingale "...evolved organically into the survival and crafting genre."

Excerpt, IGN Aaryn Flynn interview.


Updated Thoughts: This feels like New World in Victorian clothing; it looks and plays like an MMO, and I am searching for the survival aspects.
I guess it's the magical food to eat and items to craft. 

30 seconds Monologue: 

You can hit up the major publications - or toss "Nightingale Stress Test" into YouTube- to check out glowing praise and flashy recordings. There's no shortage, I'm sure! Kinda reminds me of The Day Before, which had immensely vocal defenders. Nightingale is not a scam; I'm sure it will do well.

 I didn't click with my hands on game time at all. The UI felt dated and tremendously cluttered, and the animations and combat were stiff and unrewarding. The closest approximation I can think of is New World- the slickness of the world coupled with the decided lack of consequence inherent to most MMOs, where you can sprint and run and loot with nary a care. If you took the 'survival features' of Conan Exiles and dropped them into New World with a dash of Steampunk, that would be Nightingale. It'll be a good pickup for fans of both those games- and fans of Valheim as well- with pretty graphics and an extensive array of minutia to pass the time. 

Did anyone else try it out? Would love to know your thoughts!

I often used the axe or pick to beat folks to death since they died so easily.

Who jumps into the water like this???