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ASKA Me Anything

Shh, I know this is the 12th time today I've seen this joke.

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Weirdly, even though this fest is about us, I can't say that any game has caught my interest. Sure, there are titles I'll jump into this weekend on a YT stream or live in Discord—but there's nothing I'm hyped for, like during Next Fest.

I wonder why.

In no particular order, my first pass of the event had me download the following games.

  • ASKA—I've already participated in playtests of this game, but they were under NDA. It will be interesting to see the changes and share my opinion.
  • AETHUS- I bet this will play like another lowkey adventure and exploration game, maybe somewhere between No Man's Sky and Valheim, where you build and buff yourself with food, etc.
So innovative and new? (As seen in their Discord)
  • The Planet Crafter- Someone once told me this was "No Man's Sky with even better survival," which is interesting because I'm still looking for survival in NMS...
  • Survisland- I refunded this game ages ago. If you follow my Curator, you know I've made note of the absolute rollercoaster of shit these developers have put this dwindling fanbase through. I'd like to see the most recent state of the game. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • Viking Frontiers- I'm a sucker for anything first-person. Also, this description is hilarious. "Gather, build, craft, hunt, raid, and follow your Gods to endure hardships of nature and fend off hostile Christian zealots."
  • Taora: Survival - Another low-poly zombie crafting and exploration title, but we'll see!
  • Hold Your Breath- Avoid this if top-down gameplay isn't your jam.

Otherwise, I wasn't a fan of Voidtrain, but you may be. Under A New Sun is worth trying if you like Stranded Deep.

Hit the comments - or respond to the email- and let me know what you picked up!