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Star Wars, Cats, and Pizza. What Else Is There?

Today, we spotlight The Melted Jedi, a content creator focusing on Survival and RPG titles.

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Welcome to Acquired Tastes, our newsletter dedicated to the fascinating individuals in the Hashtag Survival community!

Today, we spotlight The Melted Jedi, a content creator focusing on Survival and RPG titles.

POI: The Melted Jedi

Hello! My name is The Melted Jedi! I am a gamer, cat dad, survival and RPG game enthusiast, and content creator on YouTube and Twitch since 2016! I’m from the Midwest, USA, and mostly spend my time online, either gaming or creating, chatting in Discords, or just hanging out with my wife and two kitties, Luke and Kylo.

I’m also a cancer fighter. Between 2017 and 2019, I battled Acute myeloid leukemia (AML), which is a fast-moving form of blood cancer. I had rounds of chemo on and off, and when the blood cancer kept coming back, I received a bone marrow transplant from an amazing, gracious matching donor. I’m now in complete remission, but this process still takes a lot from you, and recovery time is especially long. I also have some post-transplant conditions due to graft versus host disease (which is essentially a rejection reflex from your body to a new immune system). This mainly affects my eyes and skin. I have difficulties with vision due to extreme dryness. My eyes no longer make tears; however, with proper treatment routines and special scleral lenses, I can get most of my daily comfort back.

If you are between 18 and 40, visit BeTheMatch to join the registry. To register, they send you a mouth swab that you send back in the mail. It's quick and easy, and it could save a life. 

When it comes to gaming, I love survival games. The first survival game I remember playing was Ark Survival Evolved, purchased upon its release for early access in 2015. It was basic, took up a lot of space, and ran at low frame rates, but I loved that I could see and interact with (or get eaten by) these awesome dinosaurs that I had been fascinated with since I was a kid. To me, gaming is an escape to a different world. Looking back, I didn’t have the best childhood, and playing games always allowed me to put my mind in a different environment for a while.

I’m picky about what environments I choose to spend time in, and I always learn more about pretty 3D graphical environments than, say, 2D indie-style games. I like survival and role-playing games, as I get to decide how I want to play and shape my world. I like a risk and reward system that can sometimes frustrate you or, at other times, force you to feel the biggest win.

I also feel connected to many survival games because, growing up, I was active with the local Scout Troop. From Cub Scout to Eagle Scout, I always found it interesting to learn how to use what I brought and what was available in the environment to survive and thrive in wilderness-like areas.

The most important thing I learned in scouting wasn’t really how to light fires or build a shelter; it was the scout motto: Be Prepared. That has always stuck with me, and it's in my mind when I attempt anything.

Check Out Some Games I Love!

  • Ark Survival (Ascended/Ascended) - I absolutely love Dinos, and this game sucked me in for over 5500 hours. 

  • Enshrouded - is my new favorite! I love this refreshing take on an RPG. Although I wouldn't say it's a "Survival" game exactly, it's a great game, and I’m excited to see the new content they roll out.
  • Valheim - What a cool survival and adventure game! Every excursion feels like its own standalone adventure. 
  • Rocket League - This is my chill game. I only play casually, but it's one of the only sports-type games I enjoy. 

  • Borderlands Series: I love this looter-shooter mayhem for its quirky characters, entertaining (sometimes annoying) dialog, and interesting story.

Things I Love

  • The Original Series: Duhhh. I like most Star Wars content, new and old. I have my internal complaints regarding different aspects of the movies and shows, but if it's live-action, Star Wars, I’m there. 
  • Pizza: Pizza is super duper cliché, but I love pizza. I really do. Mostly a thin style crust for me personally. I'm not into a ton of dough, I like a good balance. One of my absolute local Pizza spots is an Indiana delicacy called Pizza King- it's a totally different experience! They rock edge to edge style thin crust pizza with ground or crumbly style toppings: the pepperonis are like little cubes, and the slices of pizza are cut into squares. Being the one to nab 1 or more of the little “corner pieces” is a bonus treat. Each location is varied as they aren't a franchise but more of a “supply agreement” with no exact recipe to follow no two pizza kings are really the same. One other interesting thing is their slogan was “Ring the King” and many of the locations still have a working in house phone system to take your orders. Each table has iconic red rotary style phone that has no numbers it just connects you with the kitchen staff to order. One of my favorite locations is called and painted on each phone it to ring the Ding’a’ling! Haha!
  • Cats: I love animals, and most animals seem to like me as well. I’m a big fan of cats, and it feels very fitting since I'm a Leo! I love seeing how they each have their unique personality. Plus, they're incredible creatures that are sometimes agile and nimble or, at other times, funny and adorable. They have fantastic balance enhanced by an excellent tail, night vision, advanced hearing with ears that can turn like satellite dishes, self-righting ability when falling, and other extraordinary skills like intense sprinting up to 20 to 30mph even for a housecat, often jumping up to 5 times their height, and those retractable claws are so excellent! One of my favorite things we have gotten for my two little force-using fuzzballs is this super affordable kitty condo. We call it their "palace" I'm not sure why. We got it from an action and I think thats what the listing said. This thing gets so much use. Both of them Nap on it, but now they take up the entire upper flat area! Luke also likes to hide inside the Box area. The scratcher is a popular spot as well.
  • Techy tech stuff: I’ve been fascinated with computers and the internet, and it started when I was about 17 years old. Around 19, I got into upgrading PC components and eventually PC building. I went on to work in computer sales for a while; then, I had a long stint as a technical support representative for local ISPs. After that, I ended up in the corporate IT division. Helping employees with issues, managing and deploying systems and software, cabling, and many other tasks. More recently, I have also developed a love and admiration for Apple computers and devices. My house is kitted out with everything from HomePod smart speakers to iPads, iPhones, and Macbooks. We have the watches, the airpods, etc. I also have a connected smart home with many devices that can be operated via voice, app, or physical control. I have sensors and automation that do different things. It’s a fun passion project. 
  • Music: Music has always been a big one for me. My first love of music came with the rise of 90s alternative and grunge music. Nirvana was huge for me, as were many other 90s alternative-style bands (too many to list). Then, in the 2000s, I started getting into the heavier “nu-metal” style. I got into some punk bands for a while. I even played guitar and wrote original music in a few bands back in the day. 
Today, my all-time favorite artist is Post Malone. His voice is like candy to my eardrums. In 2016, he released his first record, which stayed in the top 10 for so long that it eventually surpassed Michael Jackson's Thriller, and I have been on board ever since. He’s an incredible, generous, and compassionate person, a quality you don’t always see in more prominent artists and celebrities. I could talk about him all day. (Here are some of my favorites.)

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch. Watch these spaces; I have some pretty big things in the works!