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Southern Comforts and Sushi Rolls: Games Done Quick With Deftspider

Today, we spotlight Josh, AKA Deftspider- a content creator with a survival game niche. His main focus? Delivering content that gets straight to the point.

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Welcome to Acquired Tastes, our bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to the fascinating individuals in the Hashtag Survival community!

Today, we spotlight Josh, AKA Deftspider- a content creator with a survival game niche. His main focus? Delivering content that gets straight to the point.

POI: Deftspider

Yo! Im Josh! AKA Deftspider

I have a clone, also known as an identical twin, whom I have spent most of my life competing against in everything from education, sports, gym, and gaming. Born and raised in the southeastern United States, so I have a bit of an accent, depending on who you ask. I grew up on a farm with horses, cows, chickens, and all the things that make the world go round. The life skills I have learned from being in such an environment have enabled me to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Up early in the morning working on tractors, cars, fence rows, riding horses, off-roading, hunting, fishing, and just experiencing everything life has to offer. As many others can relate to, my twin and I had a rough start. We were put into foster care and separated for two years when we were first born before our extended family took us in, then ended up losing us to the state due to poor living conditions and heart issues as we were prematurely born. From there, we got lucky, were adopted into a great family together, and had a normal childhood.

To skip ahead, life led to gaming as we, yes, I know bio for me, but my clone was always there, leading us to play RuneScape. We ended up in the top 10 for a while with players such as Zezima the originals (3 people worked that account), where we worked in shifts for sleep, lol. Moving on, I played football in high school, track and field, soccer, and computer team. Worked for a pizza place, then waited tables and framed houses before joining the Marine Corps and going off on two combat deployments as an 0311, Semper Fi! Left with an honorable discharge after the end of the 4-year contract to pursue a more stable and fun life with free time. Took a job doing building automation with my twin in Atlanta, GA, while pursuing a degree in Network Engineering. Which led me to my career as an IT contractor, a jack of all trades in IT.

Gaming life was still going strong as we were deep into FF11 at the time, COD, and Magic the Gathering. I’m a big MMORPG gamer and have played FF11, FF14, WoW, Mortal Online 2, New World, and many others! Which led me to eventually start up my own YouTube channel @deftspider. I noticed when I started playing survival games and certain hardcore games IE upon death, you lose everything and, in some, have to start your character over. There seemed to be a huge lack of short form, to-the-point guides on what you needed. I remember watching a 45-minute video on how to do X in a game; the information never came. So I built my channel around providing short guides, then upgraded it also to include gameplay walkthroughs that honor the short form format at the same time. I love helping people IRL, and in the game, the community of friends I have made online has been an amazing experience, and it makes my day to come home from work and see the questions and feedback from everyone. I also love to give back to the local community and disappear occasionally to coach Little League softball! Lover of tattoos- have several- and motorcycles. I have a Harley Davidson 2012 Softail Classic!

I was brought to the Genre of Survival Gaming due to my love of being able to craft, build, and make something of my own, which led me to games such as The Infected, Green Hell, Raft, and Night of the Dead. Like most YouTubers, I started with the most amazing graphics, audio, speaking, and editing skills… Not really. My first videos were absolutely atrocious, yet they served the purpose of being short, fast, to the point, and guaranteed to deliver every time on what was promised.

Check Out Some Games I Love!

  • Enshrouded: multiplayer, crafting, survival, RPG style, base building, questing, my kind of poison.
  • Icarus: easy, hard, crafting, building, designing, constant updates, plenty to do, beautiful graphics!
  • Valheim: Multiplayer, building, crafting, questing, tons of fun; who doesn’t want to be a Viking?
  • Green Hell: A little bit of suffering never hurts to make you humble once more!
  • Mortal Online 2: Full loot, World Wide PvP, hours to cross the full map, animal taming, castle sieges, guilds, clans, crafting, and multiple races. A game where your age, weight, race, height, etc decides your stats!

Some Things I Love

  • These book series are amazing:

    Malazan Book of the Fallen—New York Times bestselling author Steven Erikson's epic fantasy series featuring vast legions of gods, mages, humans, and dragons battling for the destiny of the Malazan Empire.

    Iron Tower Trilogy by Dennis L. McKiernan

  • My favorite movie is The Boondock Saints.

  • I promise Nori Nori is unlike any sushi buffet you have ever experienced! The chefs make the food for the buffet in front of you and only as needed for the line, all is fresher than any sushi restaurant I have ever been to!

  • I highly recommend jumping off The Strat in Las Vegas! It was a ton of fun and scared me like nothing else and I’ve been to war, lol. I’ll post the video of me jumping to YouTube at 100k Subscribers HAHAHA!

  • Music!
    I Fall Apart – Marty Ray Project
    I love acoustic like this, plus he has a better beard than Sifner and I! Plus some Lindsey Stirling. But you haven’t lived until Seagulls! Stop It Now