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Products of Productivity: LOCHBY

Who doesn't love organization AND shopping??

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I had a beautiful draft written up for this post. It was eloquent and full of wit & humor. Unfortunately, that draft was completely fucked when something happened to my PC earlier this afternoon.
TLDR on that situation: I can't get it to boot, and I think the hard drive is completely screwed.

So, because time is now of the essence, let's make this short & sweet and dive right in!


WHAT: Easter sale!

WHERE: Website

WHEN: Currently active and ends Monday at 11:59 pm EST

WHY: "LOCHBY creates premium notebooks and accessories that last a lifetime."

Online my jam is the survival genre.

Offline my jam is Everyday Carry or EDC gear. But you know, it makes sense in a way. Suppose you look up the definition of EDC gear on Wikipedia.

Everyday carry or every-day carry is a collection of useful items that are consistently carried on person every day. The main reasons for having EDC are utility, self-sufficiency, and preparedness: to help individuals improve simple everyday problem solving, from the mundane to possible emergency situations such as first aid or self-defense. - Wikipedia

If you've hung around the Discord server, you'll spot some familiar concepts in that definition, especially from my frequent survival genre rants. Dialing in your carry game is such a satisfying feeling- there's a level of comfort & confidence in knowing you're ready to meet any situation, that things are comfortable and dialed explicitly in to not only your liking but also to maximize efficiency.

LOCHBY items work from a quality standpoint- waxed canvas, high-quality stitching, and aluminum- and from a practical perspective, easily fitting your particular needs. Both Becca and I own multiple pieces and employ them in different ways- mine tend to hold productivity and EDC gear, while hers range from productivity gear to makeup to art supplies.

Our Field Journals are with us every day- and when I can't fit the full-sized journal, I toss the Pocket Journal into a sling or my jacket pocket. I've actually gotten fond of the Dot Grid style notebooks. They provide more structure than blank pages, less cluttered than lined paper. Grid is also handy when Becca uses her book for sketching. I try and sketch in mine, too, primarily to illustrate concepts when I'm talking, but I'm really a fucking terrible artist.

Sales are a great time to pick up some LOCHBY gear, and you can get a heads-up by signing up for their newsletter. In addition, black Friday is a good time for deals, and LOCHBY also runs a special sale on less-than-pristine items - basically like a scratch & dent sale.

Whether on sale or not, you will be satisfied. So be sure to slide into our Discord server and chat EDC gear with me, or drop by to get more pictures of my setup!