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Rambles #1

A little of this and a nugget of that.

Are you familiar with the “Reitoff Principle for Productivity”?

I read about it in a newsletter by productivity guru Ali Abdaal, describing a period when you decide to “check out” from a specific limitation or responsibility. Sound familiar? How about this - when following a diet, it’s called a “cheat day”- something many of us are probably familiar with!

Before I left NY, a friend and I were habitually at the end of our ropes, wanting to quit our job. We didn’t, obviously- we were too attached to a steady paycheck. But we quietly seethed. Or somewhat quietly. Each time we were aggravated by something - a client, a staff member, our bosses- we’d catch each other’s eye and mouth, ‘So Done.’ Eventually, this metamorphosed into Sodún.
Now, whenever something - or someone- is pissing me off, I chant Sodún Sodún Sodún in my head.

We’ve probably all been there.

Summer was both a ‘Reitoff’ and ‘Sodún’ for me. The car accident, though minor, was a massive pain in the ass and spawned a host of issues. It's alarming to think the healthcare system was running well and then realize it’s because you’ve never needed it for something more severe than strep throat. TLDR- it’s been a costly experience and makes me mad enough to breathe fire. Now that I’m finally having a bit of light in the tunnel in terms of being able to sleep (ish) and not being in as much lower back pain (ish), I’ve been trying to get things rolling again with Hashtag.

These days, there are a few other bodies in this Survival space- Gameoneer, Survival Gaming Club, and Oxibear.

That’s not even counting the horde of content creators focused on survival on Twitch and YouTube - or the large-scale publications like Kotaku. Survival is a hot commodity!

It’s been interesting to see more creators target the niche, but it also makes it more critical that Hashtag continue forward with new content.

I’ll detail some of the “in the works” stuff below - and use these behind-the-scenes rambles to showcase things we’re working on, get input from you folks, etc.

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