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Rambles #2

New phone + a festival!

So, did you succumb to APPLE-ITIS?!
I did.

T-Mobile offered killer deals on trade-ins, so Becca and I took the plunge. We’ve had the new devices for a week, and I love them. We also shifted away from the Otterbox Pro Defender cases we usually use into the Otterbox Defender XT. It has slightly fewer parts, a clear back so you can peep your phone color, and it works with MagSafe, which has been neat since my cases have never been compatible with it. I also swapped my watch band from the silicone sport band to the fabric and velcro trail band used by the Apple Watch Ultra- this has been another super useful change, far more comfortable and easier to slip on/off.

Though I onboarded to the Apple iPhone with the first one a hundred years ago, I shifted shortly after into the Android scene. But in the past five or six years, after existing in the Windows and Android spaces for so long, I shifted back to the iPhone- and then started to onboard into other Apple products, including my first MacBook. Never looking back! It’s a refreshing ecosystem that clicks with me. It’s super fucking handy for content creation too. I’d love an iMac one day, though.

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