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Rambles #4

Why is a group of unicorns called a Blessing? So weird.

I enjoy the newly created Discord subscriptions. I think it will - and for some, has already- provide a benefit to supporting Hashtag Survival. Plus, I mean- have you seen the subscriber tier avatars?? (Not to mention the adorable emotes.)

It’ll just take some work to balance what gets posted/showcased on the Substack subscription tier and what I post to the equal tier on Discord. Stories, articles, and similar items function well in this space, while discussion and quick input work well on Discord. Prepare for it to take some time to solidify.

One new thing I’m adding to the Ramble, though, is the idea for the “Dingus of the Week.” The title is coined entirely from Lyz Lenz, a writer with a hilarious Substack worth checking out. If you frequent the Steam forums - for almost ANY game- you know that stupidity and drama abound in almost every thread. It’s been a source of humor to me as both a forum browser and moderator, and I figured it was high time to let you share the pain laughs. Besides, “Dickhead on the Forums” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Ramble this week!

  • Last Weeks Retrospective
  • Upcoming Tidbits
  • Dingus of the Week (DotW)
  • Ye Olde’ Stuff

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