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Rambles #6

Friends, lend me your ears! (And input.)

Ohio weather is fucking terrible lately. We flirted with snow twice over the entire winter and continually had oddball temperatures. It dropped a smidgen of snow a week or two ago that was gone by midday. And we kicked the week off with an OVERLY HUMID 75-degree Monday, because sure why isn't that the perfect temperature for March? I had to dig out my Claritin and restart my nightly dosing to get the jump on my seasonal allergies before my nose turned into a faucet.

Ramble this week! (It's super long, SORRY)

  • Last (few) Weeks Retrospective
  • Rant and stream of consciousness
  • Dingus of the Week (DotW) (GRAND OLD RANT)
  • Ye Olde’ Stuff

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