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Recap: Drama, Bullshitting, Northern Lights, and Fly Fishing

Catch up on everything you missed last week!

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This weekend, I shelved all online work to live my best offline life. We chased the Northern Lights on Friday night and I took PIX. I still have to edit them all, but it was a shit ton of fun! I'll toss a quick rough pic down below - it's huuuuge because I ignored resizing to tweak the color a bit- and I'll see about doing a future post for both the Northern Lights and for Becca's first foray into fly fishing!
(She caught two because she's a badass.)

Community Snapshots

That's the beauty of my videos- they have unique meaning and purpose for everyone!

Name it well and they'll find it?

Does it also come with zombies and a disturbing amount of wolves? (Sweden is weird if so!)