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I Am Dormant No More!

DoA #29- Not like we had much of a winter, I welcome our Springtime allergy overlords.

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In the past, I was able to easily clip funny (or tragic) game moments during Twitch livestreams. Haven't done shit on Twitch in ages, so I looked into CapCut- a neat piece of free software that handles like the Canva of videos. I like it! I pushed half a dozen Shorts onto the Hashtag YouTube channel and plan on parsing through some of the older podcast episodes, to look for snippets worthy of posting. I also did a short livestream!

Moving forward I'll post small opinions/rants as posts in the newly-christened Timber Talks. Stoked to get feedback and comments!

Also published a handful of content this week for the Discord subscribers, including a content poll and the second Babble video.

I'm enjoying the conversation that the Discord thread "Super Mega Bestest Survival Game Concept Discussion" is generating - so if you aren't in our Discord, be sure to drop by!


I can't believe we're only a few months away from it being ONE YEAR since the car accident and all of this still isn't resolved. I should have extrapolated the inefficiency and frustration of dealing with health insurance and extended it to car insurance. WOMP. Most of February saw my mental spoons dedicated toward an endless back and forth with the agent, attempting to get this resolved, so most of my free time was dedicated to engagement on Discord. On the "non-frustrating" news front, we're finally entering Spring which means that we can resume walks & hikes without being as hampered by Becca's RA. HURRAH. Expect a ton of videos and pictures to spawn off that activity, maybe starting near the end of March.

Titan is solar-powered and charging for mayhem.


Possibly see a new wardrobe in my future.
They have the most SOOTHING narrators.