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Hashtag Survival + Steam Curator FTW

Steam still drops the fucking ball.

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Don't Waste Your Money

First and foremost - avoid wasting money! I get it. The sale is live, your wishlist is popping off with alerts about DEEP DISCOUNTS, and you only have days to decide what makes it through the checkout screen. But I cannot tell you how many game forums have threads where people cry, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS GAME IS DEAD," and "WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS WAS THEIR THIRD ABANDONED TITLE?"

Dozens and dozens of abandoned games on my Curator page get put on sale over and over again. And those fuckers are dead. Seriously. The developers are gone. Don't waste your cash on something that can't be played. Not every game gets The Day Before treatment, where the page is taken offline, and your wallet is safe. There's a game on my list that is unplayable, the developer posted that they were stopping development because they fucked up a backend update, and it still goes on sale for 50 cents. I know it's just 50 cents, but you could use that money for something more exciting.

You'll Get My Opinion

Following our Curator page gives you another opinion. Or another, if you already asked your cat. Or yet another, if you asked your cat, your guildmates, YouTube, and your reflection. Having another opinion doesn't hurt- it's not like you have to act on it! (Plus, your input is most important, anyway.)

If I like it- I'll recommend it.
I try to stick to the rule that if I don't like it personally- and not because it's broken or something- I just mark it as informational and provide input rather than highlight it as "Recommended." I can't stomach claiming I recommend something if I didn't click with it. 😅 (I also call out when I think the qualify/performance of something is shit.)

I (May) Introduce You To New Shit

I'm not all-knowing. I don't have every single game on the list. I'm always adding to it, though- I dig around to find games that fall within the parameters of what Hashtag Survival is all about - and toss in other games I may have played that are worth a second look.

Because so many titles in the genre are indie developers/studios with little or no marketing, you may spot titles here that you've never heard of!

And for the 1/2 point!

Not everyone is a Creator- and I get that. (But if you have a camera...)
(No, not that
kind of creator, sheesh. Unless you want to be, no judgment!)

It's a considerable time investment to chase news and info for survival games: developer news is frequently scattered across various platforms. (Shameless plug: Combat this by signing up for our newsletter!) Discord is often the favored—or only—platform to find game news, but you're limited in how many Discords you can join. (Free accounts get a 100 server limit, while Nitro accounts can be in 200 servers.) It's incredibly easy to hit that cap by following game servers—I'm in over 200 Discords at this point, on a handful of Discord accounts.

You'll need to purge some servers eventually, so why spend hours combing through your list when you can check my curator page on Steam and quickly remove dead or inactive Discords?

Give us a follow.



ASKA Me Anything

ASKA Me Anything

Shh, I know this is the 12th time today I've seen this joke.

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