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The Infected- Bring on the New!

Getting some Fixer Upper vibes- but no shiplap.

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Full disclosure: I am the Community Manager for The Infected.

Taking into account community feedback has long been a cornerstone of development for The Infected - minus, of course, the constant appeals for multiplayer and guns. (Neither of which is happening.)

A recent addition includes a fledgling new economy with a couple of traders and a basic currency, which players can earn by selling various goods. Trader offerings are sparse, and pricing is subject to change as the developer dials into a balanced system. Overall, though, player feedback on the addition has been positive- with many weighing in on new decor ideas via a moderator-generated forum thread.

A variety of items have been added to internal testing, and will hit the live branch sometime in the near future.
As always, this depends on bugs/issues and the wait for localization files.

Items include:

  • Kitchen furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Paintings and plants
  • An array of new tables/desks
  • New decor items that can function as storage- like filing cabinets

In addition to adding decorative furniture and items, the developer is also instigating changes based on community feedback about the game AI.

The scope of the change is still being worked out, at this time.

The dev is blending community feedback with changes he’d like to see & experience, based on his playthroughs of the game. Right now, he’s working to shift the AI back to being infected humans and removing their “extra” abilities like flying or shooting projectiles. The ‘goblin’ type AI will be removed entirely.

The next content patch will significantly change both the enemy AI and the fledging trading system. Internal testing is ongoing, and additional tweaks will most likely occur even after the patch goes live. Depending on issues, bugs, and translations, we could see the patch go live this week or next. At that time, we will provide a detailed Steam News Post, detailing the changes and additions that have made it into the live game.

Looking forward to players’ reactions on the changes to the AI- and to screenshots of your newly decorated base!