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Time to polish my soapbox.

DoA #27 - One shuffled step forward and a giant endless domain error back.

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I dove back into the Pillars article over the weekend, jackhammering it into a new shape. For the uninformed, the Survival Pillars are part of Hashtag's 'Survival ORG Kit' - Pillars and Subgenres - a small attempt to make a genre lacking in guardrails have a smidgen of structure.

The Pillars were always pretty malleable- I wouldn't say as much as taffy, but at least open to some twists and turns. This latest change makes it far less of a ...suggestion.
I checked in with Dee and Becca, and Bec said:

This is a compliment! I think.

I'll give it another polish or two and substitute the new text for the old article. If you're part of the Discord, you'll get a ping when the rehab goes live.
If not, it'll be in the next DoA.


With the recent Substack --> Ghost swap, I want to ensure that there's an onboarding process for folks since the scope of ideas has expanded/changed lately. The first phase was sketching out exactly how such a flow would look- followed by my bungling my way along, trying to make it a reality. The idea is that folks will encounter Hashtag content out in the world of YouTube, Instagram, Discord, and so on, then hop onto the site link for more info/content. The landing page will present two options - sign up and enter the rabbit hole, or head directly to the posts on this website. (To sign up later, hopefully.) Accordingly, both domains now point to the landing post here, and this website has shifted to a subdomain- so update your bookmarks! I also threw together this quick Hashtag crash course video, also linked on the bottom of the landing page, for those who prefer visual breakdowns. I'll do another (better) pass at it in the future- maybe toss on an outfit and narrate it on camera.


So, my follow-up post-surgery is scheduled for March, which is great! I'm doing a lot better, though I still get some throat pain/bleeding if I don't hydrate, and I was looking forward to a month of relaxation as I enjoy an overall better breathing experience. JK. I'm still not done with all of this paperwork and drama from last May's car accident, so I guess trying to figure that out is my dedicated task for the near future.

It's always something. 💩

Plz tell me more, Kickstarter.


Show of hands? Just us?
the SASS continues.