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Spectacular Sunsets and Cascading Curses- Say Hi to Anne

Today, we spotlight Queen Anne- Master of Crazy Intricate Builds and a Bad Ass Moderator for Hashtag Survival!

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Welcome to Acquired Tastes, our newsletter dedicated to the fascinating individuals in the Hashtag Survival community.

Today, we spotlight Queen Anne- "Master of Crazy Intricate Builds" and a Bad Ass Moderator for Hashtag Survival!

POI: Queen Anne

Hi there! 
My name is Anne, and I was born and raised in Norway. I'm 35 years old and live with two gorgeous (and naughty) cats. I don't have siblings, but we always had one or more of my cousins hanging out at our house, so I never really missed it. As an adult, I met my best friend, who's like a sister to me, and asked me to be a godmother to her daughter, so who needs blood-related siblings anyway?!
 Growing up, I spend a lot of time with my grandfather on his farm, helping with the cows and the harvest. My parents have also always had racehorses, so we did quite some traveling to the racetracks together. 
I also had a pony of my own, but well... lucky me... I'm allergic! 
I will always love books, horror movies, and music, and I sing in a choir every Wednesday.

I've had many different jobs over the years, ranging from a jewelry store to a fish farm, and I usually liked whatever I was working with! After an injury at the fish farm, though, I decided to go back to school at the age of 27 and finished my master's degree in teaching in 2022. I now work as a teacher for adults with developmental disabilities and adult refugees, and I absolutely love it!

I've always loved nature and camping; some of my favorite memories are camping with my family as a child. I also love fishing and anything related to water, and I try to at least get some of my food from self-caught fish or my veggie garden outside.

I started gaming fairly early on both my PC and my PS1. When I started as a kid, I mostly played Disney games and such (and Spyro.. Who didn't love Spyro?!) but quickly moved on to games like The Sims, Age of Empires, Civilization, and Heroes of Might and Magic. My cousin and I played for god knows how many hours together on our massive pc, of course, placed in the middle of the kitchen cause family pc. Can anyone relate? 
Later on, I started playing WoW (way too much) and had countless hours of fun with my previously mentioned sister until we began to shift more toward the survival genre.

I would love to say that I'm a real survival enthusiast outside of gaming, but other than some walks, a little camping, and my veggie garden, I love my sofa too much to claim that title in real life. As a gaming genre, though, I fell in love with survival after playing The Forest. Since then, I've played several survival games, like Ark, Grounded, Green Hell (where I was the admin for their Discord server for a while after Sifner abandoned us), Conan Exiles, and so on.

I've always liked the challenge and the grind of surviving and building a home in these games, and I will proudly call myself a loot goblin and achievement whore! Gotta catch them all!

Check Out Some Games I Love!

There are many, many games that I could recommend, but let's try to keep this short!

  • The Sims (franchise): 
I've always loved these games and have played them since the first one came out. I love playing some legacy gameplay, where I follow the same family for generations. I also love building houses, but can't say I'm too good at it.
  • Ark Survival Evolved: Once this game was stable enough for me to play on my potato computer, I absolutely loved it! Who wouldn't love a survival game with dinosaurs?! I love the building, taming, and breeding of the dinosaurs, and I am now sitting at about 3800 hours played, but I still haven't actually finished the game.
  • The Forest: 
This game got me into the survival genre in the first place, and I really loved the spooky atmosphere and trying to build and survive while not being nommed by your friendly neighborhood cannibals. One of the biggest reasons I love it is the freedom they give you with building. You can pretty much build whatever you wish! (Don't expect it to be straight).
  • Sid Meier's Civilization V: For some reason, I do not like the latest installment of this franchise as much as I do this one. I really enjoy diving into a match and spending a whole day alone or with friends, trying to play well and get a win. I love having to figure out a strategy and actually use my brain (somewhat) to have a good match. I've been playing this franchise since the beginning, and they've always been some of my favorite games. 

  • Enshrouded: Last but not least, I picked Enshrouded to go on my list. This is the latest game I got hooked on, and I have been playing it quite a bit! I love the exploration and the building mechanics in the game. It allows me to roam around for hours, be my loot goblin self, or be creative and build whichever base I wish! Give me terraforming and a game that doesn't look like it was released in 1999, and I'm sold! 

Things I Love

  • Åkrasanden - This beach is only a 10-minute drive from my house and has been voted Norway's best beach. This is where I grew up: swimming, fishing for crabs, and having picnics with my entire family. It is absolutely gorgeous, with blue waters and white sand! Awesome for swimming, taking photos, or just going for a walk. Well worth the visit if you find yourself in my neck of the woods! 

  • Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors. If you're ever looking for spooky reading, his books are well worth trying! I own at least 20 of his books, but this one is one of my absolute favorites.
  • Freia Milk Chocolate - 
I gotta be honest here and say I might be slightly biased, but I believe we have the absolute best milk chocolate in the world! You don't know what you're missing! Here's a link for the Americans out there, but I'm sure the rest of you can find it on Amazon or something if you're feeling peckish.

  • An Arcade Full of Cats - 
I know this could've been put up by the rest of the games, but picking only 5 is too damn hard! Also, this game is free to play and any money you spend on it goes towards adoption and rescuing cute little furballs! 

  • The Wave - 
If you're in the mood for a pretty decent Norwegian disaster movie to go with your milk chocolate, I recommend The Wave. I was at the edge of my seat, holding my breath, watching this for the first time in the cinema! You also can't go wrong with some amazing scenery shots of one of the most famous fjords in Norway.